Just One More Breath (Full Length) – Jill Purce


Just One More Breath (Full Length) – Jill Purce

Published on Dec 15, 2012

Jill Purce overtone chanting in her 1984 art film “Just One More Breath”. With each single extended breath the viewer soars higher up the medieval tower. Through the windows, day gradually turns to night. Finally, we alight at the summit as perfect darkness is reached. Made by Jill for an exhibition with Marina Abramovic, Ulay, and Lawrence Weiner, at the art festival “Forum en Scene” in Middleburg, Holland. Musician, artist and pioneer of voice, family and ancestral healing, Jill is a former fellow of Kings College, London, General Editor of the Thames and Hudson “Art and Imagination” series, and author of “The Mystic Spiral, Journey of the Soul”. For more information on Jill Purce and her “Healing Voice” and “Healing the Family and Ancestors” workshops, visit http://www.healingvoice.com

Rollin Rachele “Overtone Singing” Music Video

Rollin Rachele “Overtone Singing” Music Video

Published on Jan 28, 2008

Rollin Rachele (www.overtonesinging.com) is one of the world’s leading authorities on the vocal art of overtone singing (also known as harmonic singing). He is an accomplished musician, performing artist, teacher and innovator. He has contributed his scientific knowledge to academic establishments such as the American Laryngological Voice Research and Education Foundation and The Voice Foundation of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. His media appearances are numerous, including several television appearances, radio interviews and feature articles in publications such as the Evening Standard and Men’s Health magazine. In this music video arrangement, Rollin Rachele is accompanied by Celtic artist Kate McKenzie and Classical Indian vocalist Ustad Mohammed Sayeed Khan. The video was filmed in Bath, England and the soundtrack was recorded and engineered at the Notre Dame Church in Leicester Square in London. Performed by: Rollin Rachele, Kate McKenzie, Ustad Mohammed Sayeed Khan Soundtrack Engineered by: Pete Townsend Video Directed and Edited by: Andrew Guidone, Valery Lyman, Shetal Shah Director of Photography: Andrew Guidone Choreography: Valery Lyman, Shetal Shah Music copyright 2000-2012 Cryptic Voices Productions Video production copyright 2000-2012 Python/Aquarius Productions and Cryptic Voices Productions Director website: http://www.pythonaquarius.com Rollin website: http://www.overtonesinging.com, http://www.abundantsun.com

Polyphonic Overtone Singing – Orpheo’s Angel – Jan Heinke

Polyphonic Overtone Singing – Orpheo’s Angel – Jan Heinke

Published on Jan 6, 2009

Spectrogram of german overtone singer Jan Heinke http://www.stahlquartett.de singing his own composition “Orpheo’s Angel”. Spectrogram created with Overtone Analyzer http://www.sygyt.com

Renaissance Man – Polyphonic Overtone Singing – Stuart Hinds

Renaissance Man – Polyphonic Overtone Singing – Stuart Hinds

Published on Dec 16, 2008

Expert composer and polyphonic overtone singer Stuart Hinds http://www.stuarthinds.com/ sings his own ‘Renaissance Man’, a canon in two voices for one singer. Listen carefully to the harmonic melody and try to follow the overtones in the spectrogram with your eyes as you hear them. Spectrogram created with the software Overtone Analyzer http://www.sygyt.com/

Obertongesang, Christian Bollmann

Obertongesang, Christian Bollmann

Published on Mar 26, 2008

Obertongesang, Christian Bollmann,www.lichthaus-musik.de the concert took place 1995 in the 50 million year old Balve Cave in NRW Germany moderated by Prof.hc Joachim Ernst Behrendt. There is a CD available at Lichthaus-Musik

Ode an die Freude …auf sechs Obertönen

Ode an die Freude …auf sechs Obertönen

Published on Mar 7, 2008

NEU: Online-Tutorials zum Erlernen des westlichen Obertonsingens in 12 Modulen, jetzt zum Einführungspreis: https://www.stimmlabor.de/obertongesa… Der Obertonsänger Miroslav Großer singt als Zugabe bei einem Konzert in Berlin die berühmte Melodie der Ode an die Freude von Ludwig van Beethoven auf einem stabilen Grundton mit sechs Obertönen. Online-Tutorials zum Erlernen des westlichen Obertonsingens in 12 Modulen, jetzt kostengünstig vorbestellen: https://www.stimmlabor.de/obertongesa… Obertongesang und Stimmbildung: http://www.stimmlabor.de (Einzelunterricht in Berlin und weltweit per Skype) workshops, concerts and individual lessons in English http://www.stimmlabor.de/miroslav-gro… Workshops für Obertongesang: https://www.stimmlabor.de/obertongesang/ CD´s und mp3 mit Obertongesang (inklusive Lern-CD): https://www.stimmlabor.de/obertongesa… Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/stimmlabor/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/miroslav-grosser XING: https://www.xing.com/profile/Miroslav… LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/miroslav-…

The Ouroboros Concert (Sinan Arat / Mark van Tongeren)

The Ouroboros Concert (Sinan Arat / Mark van Tongeren)

Published on Nov 2, 2018

Sinan Arat (ney, voice) and Mark van Tongeren (voice, overtone singing, Jew’s harp, sruti box, bendir) meet for the very time and look for overlaps in their repertoires. Registration of a live concert in the Oosterkerk, Amsterdam, Sunday 15/VII/2018. Produced by Fusica / http://www.fusica.nl Playlist: 00:00 Ekmelia/Yörel (Mark van Tongeren) 03:21 Segah Taksim (Modal Improvisation on ney) (Sinan Arat) 05:42 Bass Brass (Jew’s harp) (Mark van Tongeren) 08:59 Segah Hymn Bana seni gerek seni (Music: Anonymous Lyrics: Yunus Emre (1238 – 1320) (Sinan Arat) 13:19 Voice of Bendir (Mark van Tongeren) 18:00 Cascadescan (Mark van Tongeren) 21:45 Human Condition (vocal improvisation) (Sinan Arat & Mark van Tongeren) 25:25 You Am (voice and sruti box) Mark van Tongeren) 34:00 Muhayyer Kurdi Taksim ( Modal Improvisation) 38:50 Muhayyer Hymn Uyan ey gozlerim (music: Ali Ufki Bey) (Sinan Arat) 41:09 Variations on the Yakut Khomus (Siberian Jew’s harp) (Mark van Tongeren) 46:35 Unknown Territories (Overtone singing and ney) (Sinan Arat & Mark van Tongeren) 53:35 Ah nice bir Uyursun Uyanmaz Misin (music: anonymous; lyrics: Yunus Emre) (Sinan Arat & Mark van Tongeren 55:50 Huseyni Hymn “Severim Ben Seni” (music: Anonymous; lyrics: Yunus Emre) (Sinan Arat & Mark van Tongeren) Video and audio recording and editing: Casper Steketee Thanks to Nanny Roed Lauridsen and The Oosterkerk, Amsterdam and to Fons Elders, part of the ouroboros phenomenon, for title suggestions. Produced by Fusica http://www.fusica.nl