Published on Feb 14, 2017

MEÏKHÂNEH Interview de Johanni Curtet Uulyn Nulims extrait de l’album “La Silencieuse”, Buda Musique, mai 2017. Musique : Meïkhâneh / texte en mongol : Nomindari Shagdarsuren – Johanni Curtet : chant de gorge, chant diphonique, luth dombra Maria Laurent : chant Milad Pasta : percussions, chœurs – À la Péniche Spectacle, Rennes, janvier 2017 Émission “Itinéraire Bretagne”, FR3 Isabelle Rettig Merci à toute l’équipe dont nous n’avons pas les noms.

Steve Sklar and Nikolai Oorzhak Throat-Singing

Steve Sklar and Nikolai Oorzhak Throat-Singing

Published on Jul 24, 2007

Nikolai and Steve singing kargyraa and sygyt for children in a huge glacial pothole, Taylor Falls, MN 2002 Get better quality videos, mp3s, online throat-singing lessons, throat-and-overtone singing forum and lots more at

Throat-Singing and Tuvan igil, Steve Sklar and John Pascuzzi

Throat-Singing and Tuvan igil, Steve Sklar and John Pascuzzi

Published on Aug 3, 2008

John Pascuzzi is playing the “igil”, and Steve Sklar is Throat-Singing. From an upcoming DVD and CD by Ron Mulvihill and Gris-Gris Films.

How to Overtone Singing ( tutorial)

How to Overtone Singing ( tutorial)

Published on Dec 3, 2017

The singing teacher Ilaria Orefice introduces the basic techniques of overtone singing. The tutorial is for everyone, especially for women and children! For a Skype lesson:

Father & Daughter Overtone Singing Duet: Nestor and Charli Kornblum

Nestor Kornblum

Profile Information

About me:
Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Author of “Overtone Chant-the Practical Guide” (Book with CD), with text in English, Spanish, German, French, Dutch and Swedish (over 2000 copies sold).
12 CDs of music with Overtones for Healing and Meditation.
Director and co-founder of the International Association of Sound Therapy and the Spanish: Asociación de Terapia del Sonido y Estudios Armónicos.
As a band we are:
Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard, also perform as Harmonic Encounters, HarmonicSounds, and with their new group UNISON Project.
Co-Director and Co-Founder: Harmonics Inc. and the International Association of Sound Therapy
Cofundador y codirector de la Asociación de Terapia de Sonido y Estudios Armónicos (sin ánimo de lucro)
Voice, overtone singing, overtone chant, deep voice chant (Tibetan and Kargyraa), didgeridoo, jews harp, Overtone flute, monochord, tampura, Overtone Mouthbow.
Voz, canto de armónicos, canto de la voz grave,kargyraa, khöömeï, didjeridu, monocordio, flauta de armónicos, tampura, arco musical (arco bucal de armónicos)
Mainly self-taught: – Initial Influences: Michael Vetter, Tuva, Mongolia.

Nestor Kornblum’s Videos

Khusugtun’s Throat Singing Gets Standing Ovation | Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final 1

Khusugtun’s Throat Singing Gets Standing Ovation | Asia’s Got Talent Grand Final 1

Asia’s Got Talent

Published on May 7, 2015

Khusugtun’s magical throat singing around an open fire takes listeners back to the ancient mountains of Mongolia. Touched, the judges offer the band a standing ovation.