polyphonic overtone singing – explained visually

polyphonic overtone singing – explained visually

Published on Nov 16, 2014

by Anna-Maria Hefele | http://www.anna-maria-hefele.com/https://www.facebook.com/amoberton Video & Sound Visualisation: Bodo Maass http://www.overtoneanalyzer.com ⇊⇊⇊ more info: ⇊⇊⇊ Sound Visualization made with Overtone Analyzer | thanks to Bodo Maass for making this cool video for me! sign up for my newsletter! http://bit.ly/1TdxQty This video is under copyright. feel free to post and embedd the video. no stealing & re uploading on other websites or channels. If you want to buy a license or use a small part of the video for something creative of your own contact me & ask me first via http://anna-maria-hefele.com/contact…. Thanks for showing respect to the creative artist/s of your choice!!!

Author: tranquanghai1944

Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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