‘Odugen Taiga’ Huun Huur Tu 2016 China Tour in Beijing @Stallion Era

‘Odugen Taiga’ Huun Huur Tu 2016 China Tour in Beijing @Stallion Era

Published on Nov 10, 2016

‘Odugen Taiga’ Huun Huur Tu 2016 China Tour in Beijing @Stallion Era 160911 恒哈图乐队2016中国巡演《流浪的英雄》@天桥艺术中心 《欧杜根森林》主办 战马时代


Kongar-ol-Ondar, Tuvan Throat-Singer

Kongar-ol-Ondar, Tuvan Throat-Singer

Published on Dec 6, 2014

An impromptu after-dinner performance with a borrowed guitar by the late great Tuvan virtuoso, Kongar-ol-Ondar, co-star of “Genghis Blues” and inspiration to physicist Richard Feynman and his friend Ralph Leighton in their quest for Tannu Tuva… See Ralph Leighton’s new book “The Legend of Ondar the Groovin’ Tuvan” in the Apple iBooks Store now! https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/lege…

Kongar-ol Ondar with Bady-Dhorzhu Ondar on the Chevy Chase Show – 1993

Kongar-ol Ondar with Bady-Dhorzhu Ondar on the Chevy Chase Show – 1993

Published on Jan 16, 2014

Kongar-ol Ondar and his student Bady-Dorzhu Ondar appear on the Chevy Chase show, October 1 1993. Bady-Dhorzu Ondar is now a musician who performs around the world with the Alash Ensemble. Kongar-ol Ondar passed away July 24, 2013 in his beloved country of Tuva as a result of complications after emergency surgery for a hemorrhage of the brain. Needless to say, this comes as a shock to all those who knew him and all those who enjoyed his music. Thankfully, we still have his recordings to remember him by.

Tyvam (My Tuva) – Kongar-ol Ondar, Evgeny Saryglar & Alash Ensemble

Tyvam (My Tuva) – Kongar-ol Ondar, Evgeny Saryglar & Alash Ensemble

Published on Feb 15, 2015

Footage from the documentary “The Secrets of Khomei, Voices From Tuva” Lyrics (translated from questionable subtitles): (All) On this earth we live we live for centuries here This is Tuva, our country and we are Tuvans! (Second verse missing) (Ayan-ool Sam) The country is our life Delighted are our hearts Because we still live in the same way That we have always lived (Bady-Dorzhu Ondar) As long as our steppe exists As long as our taiga exists We remain here Until the end of days (All) If we want to remain true Tuvans We must always keep singing our khöömei If we let our voices sound We bring our people happiness — From what very, very little Tuvan I know, I’m pretty sure these lyrics are inaccurate. They don’t seem to correspond to the words being spoken. The translated lyrics were probably altered to sound good in Dutch. Translating them to English further confuses the point.

Huun-Huur-Tu – Live

Huun-Huur-Tu – Live

Published on Jul 15, 2011

Huun Huur Tu Tour January 2017 13.1.17 — NL — Rotterdam — Lantaren Venster 14.1.17 — D — Köln — Yard Club 15.1.17 — D — Mannheim — Alte Feuerwache 16.1.17 — I — Bologna — Teatro San Leonardo 17.1.17 — I — Udine — Teatro S. Giorgio 18.1.17 — D — Lich — Kino Traumstern 19.1.17 — D — Baden Baden — Spitalkirche 20.1.17 — D — Bad Reichenhall — Casino 21.1.17 — D — Ravensburg — Zehntscheuer 22.1.17 — D — Wuppertal — Internationales Zentrum 24.1.17 — D — Kiel — Kulturforum 25.1.17 — SE — Malmö — Victoria Teatre 26.1.17 — SE — Göteborg — Oceanen 27.1.17 — D — Kopenhagen — Global 28.1.17 — D — Bremerhaven — Pferdestall 29.1.17 — D — Bremen — Moments 30.1.17 — D — Hannover — Pavillon http://www.jaro.de/artists/huun-huur-tu/ Huun-Huur-Tu at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California November 18, 2008 You can buy the CDs of Huun-Huur-Tu @ http://www.jaro.de

Papizan & Batsükh / Папизан, Батсүх хоёр / Festival Les Détours de Babel

Papizan & Batsükh / Папизан, Батсүх хоёр / Festival Les Détours de Babel

Published on Jun 1, 2016

Concert 03/04/2016, Grenoble, France Within the framework of the release of the CD Anthology of Mongolian Khöömii by Buda Records and for the 10th anniversary of Routes Nomades Dans le cadre de la sortie du disque Anthologie du khöömii mongol sur le label Buda Musique, et pour les 10 ans de Routes Nomades Нүүдэлчин Зам Холбооны 10 жилийн ойд зориулан, Бюда Мюзик лэйбэлтэй хамтран гаргаж буй Монгол Хөөмийн Сонгомол цомгийн хүрээнд толилуулж байна. Musique / Music: Papizan & Batsükh Хөгжим: Папизан, Батсүх хоёр Production : Routes Nomades Продюсер: Нүүдэлчин Зам Холбоо http://www.routesnomades.fr https://www.facebook.com/routesnomades/ http://detoursdebabel.fr/PAPIZAN-BATS…

Khoomii Ensemble Jargalantiin Tsuurai

Khoomii Ensemble Jargalantiin Tsuurai

Published on Sep 4, 2009

Ensemble Jargalantiin Tsuurai (“Echo of Jargalant”) from Chandiman sum perform at the Khoomii Symposium 2009 in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Singers from left to right: Dookoo, Chin-Zorig, Nyamsaihan, Tserendavaa, Zaya, Baagii