Tran quang Hai sings ARIRANG with OVERTONES in one breath , Seoul, Korea, 12.15.2011

Published on Dec 19, 2011

Tran Quang Hai sings ARIRANG with OVERTONES in one breath during the concert on ARIRANG in the framework of the International Conference on ARIRANG organized by Prof. Sheen Dae Cheol, Academy of Korean Studies, in Seoul, Republic of KOREA, December 15, 2011.

Tutorial Overtone Singing by Giovanni Bortoluzzi

Tutorial Overtone Singing by Giovanni Bortoluzzi

Published on May 20, 2016

Overtone singing lessons (4L’s method) Warm-up exercise: say slowly as you can the word “YOU” step #1: hum a comfortable pitch, feel the vibration in your upper teeth step #2: say “L”, keeping the tip of the tongue on the roof of your mouth step #3: while keeping the “L position”, change vowels from OO to EE Make sure that air won’t escape from your nose! It is essential. For any question mail me:


overtone Singing (canto difonico) – amazing grace – Giovanni Bortoluzzi

overtone Singing (canto difonico) – amazing grace – Giovanni Bortoluzzi

Published on Mar 8, 2017

For skype lessons, mail me at: Canto difonico: “amazing grace”, cantata usando gli armonici naturali della voce, tramite tecnica a doppia cavità.

Amazing harmonics – ‘Amazing grace’ sung using vocal harmonics

Amazing harmonics – ‘Amazing grace’ sung using vocal harmonics

Published on Mar 27, 2010

Lumina Vocal Ensemble present Chris Guntner performing ‘Amazing grace’ in vocal harmonics. Based on a single note or drone, Chris manipulates the harmonics to sound out the tune. Truly Amazing! Filmed live at Sevenhill, South Australia in 2009 by Saam Thorne.

Amazing Grace (overtone) by Brad Roe


Amazing Grace (overtone) by Brad Roe

Published on Feb 14, 2009

Hey. So I noticed that there are bunches of videos with people doing overtone singing–awesome. I learned about overtone singing when Stuart Hinds came and showed it to the choir I was in at the time. Here is me doing amazing grace for kicks. Oh, and check out Stuart Hinds–he’s incredible.

“Amazing Grace ” Throat singing Khoomii

“Amazing Grace ” Throat singing Khoomii

Published on Mar 6, 2008

音量注意!音を小さくして聞いて。My new video (Merry Fullerene) Caution!Please turn down the volume. Achtung!Senk bitte die Lautstärke. 一息で歌うのは、大変ですね・・ I sang this in one breath. I thought that i would die… Ich habe das mit einem Atem gesungen, ich dachte,dass ich sterben koennte…

Amazing Grace – Peter Bull Polyphonic Overtone Singing

Amazing Grace – Peter Bull Polyphonic Overtone Singing

Published on Dec 15, 2014

This is the second melody I recorded while waiting for the Go-Train in Hamilton Ontario. Amazing Grace is a classic melody for any overtone singer (and the first one I ever learned) but usually it is based on a single fundamental. This version features a moving fundamental to follow the harmony of the song. I hope you like it!