Bunun Men’s Choir: Posibutbut

Bunun Men’s Choir: Posibutbut

Ajoutée le 24 juil. 2007

Polyphonic chant, prayer for millet harvest. Bunun Men’s Choir, Taiwan 2004 Get better quality videos, mp3s, online throat-singing lessons, throat-and-overtone singing forum and lots more at http://khoomei.com

Bunun millet germination song Taiwan

Bunun millet germination song Taiwan

Ajoutée le 27 avr. 2011

The Bunun are one of the original communities of Taiwan, originating from the west coast but pushed back towards the centre by Chinese immigrants. At present they number about 35.000 and occupy the heart of the mountainous chain, dispersed into approximately 120 villages. Their beliefs are founded in the manipulation of the living, animals and millet.

Bunun millet germination song Taiwan