Overtone Singing Improvisation- Kiva Simova

Overtone Singing Improvisation- Kiva Simova

Published on May 8, 2011

Kiva Simova does a polyphonic overtone singing improvisation, splitting her voice into 2 distinct pitches with counter movement. Final version ‘Bitter my Sweet’ with piano, on CD- The Quality of Light (’14). Listen at http://www.kivasimova.com

KIva’s Auralia Overtone choir sings Pink Floyd’s Great Gig in the Sky

KIva’s Auralia Overtone choir sings Pink Floyd’s Great Gig in the Sky

Published on Sep 19, 2010

Excerpt of ‘The Great Gig in the Sky’ arranged & performed by Auralia choir using overtones. Includes explanation of single voices producing 2 pitches at once, how it works in an ‘overtone choir’ and special notation used. Please visit http://www.kivasimova.com for more information.

Kiva Simova: polyphonic overtone singing solo- Song for All Beings production

Kiva Simova: polyphonic overtone singing solo- Song for All Beings production

Published on Dec 14, 2017

Kiva Simova sings polyphonic overtone solo in production of Song for All Beings (Jennifer Berezan’s extravaganza) at Marin Civic Centre, San Rafael, CA, Feb 26, 2017. Video includes improv collaboration with Raz Kennedy. Backed by SFAB band and choir, led by don benedictson and Melanie DeMore.


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About me:
overtone singer, solo artist, keyboardist, teacher of overtone singing workshops, online course
keyboards, voice
Bobby McFerrin, Jane Siberry, Lisa Gerrard, Huun-Huur-Tuu, Sheila Chandra, Yma Sumac, Tanya Tagaq, Kevin Breit, Imogen Heap, Joni Mitchell, Tom Waits, Steely Dan, Bjork, Sun Ra, Bulgarian choirs, East Indian Classical, Cuban …


Kiva Simova is a Canadian overtone singing teacher, composer, conductor, keyboardist (based in Toronto as of April 2017) with international recognition as a western pioneer, combining overtone singing with world beat/ jazz/ pop/ experimental/ new classical music. She is frequently called upon for live and recorded vocal improvisation with other artists. These include Tanya Tagaq (Inuit throat singer), Lisa Walker (improvisation with whale song), The Yellow Sisters, New Millennium Orchestra, Olla Vogala Orchestra, The Ormidales, Live Ullmann, Ring Cycle Orchestra, Strange Angels, Vladiswar Nadishana, Jennifer Berezan, Wimme and for film soundtracks (i.e. Beit Sha’ar, honorable mention at Dubai Int’l Film Festival, Dec ’10). She was a tenor member of the European Overtone Choir, Spektrum overtone choir and the International Choir of Prague. She also composes music for overtone choirs, having directed her own, AURALIA, in Prague.

Her diversified career, starting around 1978, began with a solid basis of classical and jazz piano training. The early professional years included stints in several rock, pop and R & B bands. Later on, she performed extensively as a solo act, including a jazz circuit in Japan.

Ongoing attention for her innovations in harmonic overtone singing has led to some unusual performance situations. International appearances have included: guest vocalist with orchestra »Olla Vogala« in Brugge, Belgium (2002), main stage artist at KIEKU throat singing festival in Helsinki, Finland and Nordic House in Reykjavik, Iceland (’01), and only foreign female artist at the International Symposium of Throat Singing in the Republic of Tuva, Russia (1995). In May /08 she performed at the International Polyphonic Festival of Albania (in ancient ruins with her laptop). She was also world tour member with the Crash Test Dummies at the height of their fame, in support of »God Shuffled His Feet« in 1994-1995, where she demonstrated overtoning at each concert. Venues included the prestigious Royal Albert Hall in London, and appearances on Saturday Night Live and David Letterman in New York City.

Her debut »The Ladder« (1998) has dreamy, metaphorically rich offerings and elements of jazz, pop, impressionism and worldbeat. Cultural influences such as Tuvan, East Indian, Celtic, Balinese and Japanese are apparent. Roughly half the tracks on »The Ladder« contain some form of this technique. Lyrically, it’s an expression of her personal, theoretical and global ponderings, full of lush imagery and wordplay.

This all comes together with hair raising harmonies and highly melodic vocals that are simultaneously sweet, powerful, innocent and exotic.;

Kiva continues to stretch musical boundaries with the release of »Pulse«. It falls into the category of ‘otherworldly worldbeat’. She creates layers of textural vocals with mostly imaginary language (»vocables«), sometimes imitating instruments, combining this with rhythms from several different cultures. Latin, African, East Indian, Caribbean, and even a little Klezmer, are influences that appear in »Pulse«.

The uplifting results are unique hybrids that meld East and »new« West. From »The Ladder«, »Pulse« and beyond, all her work documents an unorthodox history of study, performance, world travel and experimentation.

Kiva’s third CD- The Quality of Light, released in 2014

The Quality of Light features more overtone singing (on 7 out of 10 tracks) with a strong emphasis on jazzy pop with lyrics, and piano. The last track is totally improvised with world renowned didgeridoo player Ondrej Smeykal.

Fátima Miranda.In principio II. (Las Voces de la Voz)

Fátima Miranda.In principio II. (Las Voces de la Voz)

Published on Jul 31, 2013

* Musical composition, singer performer,stage design: Fátima Miranda * Costumes design and tailoring: “En Escena” * Sound engineer: Faustino Rosón Note: All the vocal sounds produced in this concert are natural and the result of technics developed by Fátima Miranda. The voice is supported by amplification, without electronic manipulation.

Fátima Miranda. Las Voces de la Voz (27´44″-Resumen del Concierto)

Fátima Miranda. Las Voces de la Voz (27´44″-Resumen del Concierto)

Published on Sep 6, 2013

* Musical composition, singer performer,stage design: Fátima Miranda * Costumes design and tailoring: “En Escena” * Sound engineer: Andrés Vazquez


Fátima Miranda. Entre Salamanca y Samarkanda (Cantos Robados)

Fátima Miranda. Entre Salamanca y Samarkanda (Cantos Robados)

Published on Jul 31, 2013

▪ Original idea, musical composition, direction and singer-performer: Fátima Miranda ▪ Direction Assistant and Stage Consulting: Mirella Weingarten / Marcus Gammel ▪ Light design: José Manuel Guerra ▪ Sound engineer: Faustino Rosón and Juan Carlos Blancas

Bunun Men’s Choir: Posibutbut

Bunun Men’s Choir: Posibutbut

Ajoutée le 24 juil. 2007

Polyphonic chant, prayer for millet harvest. Bunun Men’s Choir, Taiwan 2004 Get better quality videos, mp3s, online throat-singing lessons, throat-and-overtone singing forum and lots more at http://khoomei.com

Bunun millet germination song Taiwan

Bunun millet germination song Taiwan

Ajoutée le 27 avr. 2011

The Bunun are one of the original communities of Taiwan, originating from the west coast but pushed back towards the centre by Chinese immigrants. At present they number about 35.000 and occupy the heart of the mountainous chain, dispersed into approximately 120 villages. Their beliefs are founded in the manipulation of the living, animals and millet.

Bunun millet germination song Taiwan

Inuit Katajjaq (Throat Singing)

Inuit Katajjaq (Throat Singing)

Ajoutée le 23 mai 2012

Throat singing, known to the Inuit people as “Kattajat” is a traditional sacred form of singing. Throat singing is also found to be a well known tradition among nomadic Mongolian tribes as well. All photographs are of Nunivak Inuit people. The song and photos are copyrighted by their original owners.