TARBAGAN : Throat-Singing Audio Clips

Throat-Singing Audio Clips

Here is the Japanese version of this page.

Please listen. This is the throat-singing!

  • Tuvan “Khoomei” (184KB)
    • After some normal singing, it starts.
  • Mongolian “Khoomii” (377KB)
    • Sings to the accompaniment of a “Yoochin”, a Mongolian dulcimer.

      1994, Sapporo

  • Japanese throat-singing #1 (62KB)
    • My attempt! After 2 years of practice….
  • Japanese throat-singing #2 (122KB)
    • And again… after 3 years of practice….
  • Japanese throat-singing #3 (280KB)
    • I tried some Tuvan flavor.
  • Japanese throat-singing #4 (288KB)
    • With my morin khuur that the TSS imported from Mongolia.
      This instrument is sometimes called “horse-head fiddle” in English. You can not see the horse head of my morin khuur in this photo because it is behind the human head.
      Traditional Music Festival (TMF) 1996 in Sapporo.

      Mr. Ganbold often throat-sings playing his morin khuur. (Though his morin khuur has no horse head, it is called morin khuur.)
      For the beginners like me, this perfomance style is great. One reason is it looks SO COOL. The other is, the sound of the morin khuur kind-of hides the voice and makes audience recognize the melody of the flute-like sound far easily. (Of course Mr. Ganbold does not need to think this kind of small things…)
      At the TMF, I tried 3 styles of throat-singing. 2 traditional types and one “falsetto” style. This sound file is short one that contains just one style recorded after TMF.

  • “falsetto” throat-singing(75KB)
    • A new style? Or a variety of “nose” khoomii? It’s very easy to do this.

SAGA Haruhiko thro@sings.jp


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