Best time to go to Mongolia / Throat Singing 2018-2019

Best time to go to Mongolia

Throat Singing 2018-2019

Hypnotizing sounds seem to be coming from the afterlife—Mongolian singing must be the weirdest traditional music in the world


When one listens to traditional throat singing, it sounds as if a few singers are performing simultaneously, however, in fact, this comes out of a single throat. This unique Mongolian type of singing involves the overlapping of different pitches and is familiar to most herdsmen who delight in listening as their music re-echoes over the steppes. Recently, also female singers have been trying to learn this unique art. You can listen to the musical wonder in the Tumen Ekh theatre found beside the main road of Ulaanbaatar. The theatre operates throughout the entire year, offering a wide range of traditional Mongolian shows that feature throat singing ​as well as live music performed with various traditional nomadic instruments, typical national dancing, and all other elements of local folklore. The only thing to consider is that in the peak season, that is summer to autumn, the shows are held much more frequently than in the off-season, but the tickets are always sold out rather quickly. So it is up to you when to visit Mongolian theatre.

Another thing you could do is to take part in the throat singing summer course offered by cultural organisations (look up the Khuumii Mongolian throat singing).This unique cultural experience is worth your time and money, and definitely must be included in your things-to-do-in-Mongolia list.

Throat Singing Map & Location

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