Oh Death (ancient Western ballad w/ throat singing)

Oh Death (ancient Western ballad w/ throat singing)

Published on Nov 1, 2008

Luke and Kyle Abbott (of AbbottFamilyBlog.com) sing ‘Oh Death’, a song dating back to the 1600s which was featured in, “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?” Our version is based off of both Dock Boggs’ 1928 recording and one from the New Lost City Ramblers. Kyle uses Tuvan Throat Singing for the voice of Death. This was recorded on Halloween 2008. Watch it at night in full screen mode for full effect. 🙂

How To Sing Overtones Throat Singing with Alex Glenfield Ph.D.

How To Sing Overtones Throat Singing with Alex Glenfield Ph.D.

Published on Jan 6, 2019

Here is an extended tutorial on how to begin a singing, overtone singing, and throat singing practice. I remain available for consultations and lessons via SKYPE. Please send an email of inquiry to alexglenfield (at) hotmail.com

Natascha’s Dao of Overtone Singing

Natascha’s Dao of Overtone Singing

Published on Sep 17, 2009

With this Dao, Overtone Singing is made easy by Natascha Nikeprelevic. A true disciple of Michael Vetter, Natascha revealed in this documentary excerpt the four secret routes to the world of overtones: U – O – A; U – Yu – I; O – er – I; and A – a – ei – I. Yes, with this method everyone can enjoy his/her rich overtones!