Khoomii (throat singing) lesson by Sundui

Khoomii (throat singing) lesson by Sundui

Published on May 15, 2010

Khoomii lesson by Sundui, followed by two traditional melodies. English translation (not perfect): “To do exercises, you have to use the constricted voice of the “khoomii” (throat singing). We use the vowels A, E, I, O, U, Ü to perform the exercises. Let me demonstrate it for you. (1st singing) After this we connect it to the khoomii (tongue). (2nd singing) For beginners, you have to know the difference between making a sound from high and lower in the throat. Let me show you the one with making a sound from low. (3rd singing) Now you can connect it with your nasal pasages (open your sinus). (4th singing) There’s also constricting high in the throat way from near and make sounds only with the voice. (5th singing) There’s also sounding from afar. (6th singing) Aside from this, there’s also a style called “harhiraa”, or root constriction, here’s how it sounds (7th singing) Then you can bring the constriction up, (8th singing) These are the types of constriction you have to learn to do khoomii.” Photos taken from these youtube-videos:……… 1st Audio-track is from the CD called Mongolia Traditional Music by UNESCO (1995). Second track is extracted from the vinyl copy of “Vocal music of Mongolia”, recorded by Jean Jenkins.

Author: tranquanghai1944

Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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