The Ouroboros Concert (Sinan Arat / Mark van Tongeren)

The Ouroboros Concert (Sinan Arat / Mark van Tongeren)

Published on Nov 2, 2018

Sinan Arat (ney, voice) and Mark van Tongeren (voice, overtone singing, Jew’s harp, sruti box, bendir) meet for the very time and look for overlaps in their repertoires. Registration of a live concert in the Oosterkerk, Amsterdam, Sunday 15/VII/2018. Produced by Fusica / Playlist: 00:00 Ekmelia/Yörel (Mark van Tongeren) 03:21 Segah Taksim (Modal Improvisation on ney) (Sinan Arat) 05:42 Bass Brass (Jew’s harp) (Mark van Tongeren) 08:59 Segah Hymn Bana seni gerek seni (Music: Anonymous Lyrics: Yunus Emre (1238 – 1320) (Sinan Arat) 13:19 Voice of Bendir (Mark van Tongeren) 18:00 Cascadescan (Mark van Tongeren) 21:45 Human Condition (vocal improvisation) (Sinan Arat & Mark van Tongeren) 25:25 You Am (voice and sruti box) Mark van Tongeren) 34:00 Muhayyer Kurdi Taksim ( Modal Improvisation) 38:50 Muhayyer Hymn Uyan ey gozlerim (music: Ali Ufki Bey) (Sinan Arat) 41:09 Variations on the Yakut Khomus (Siberian Jew’s harp) (Mark van Tongeren) 46:35 Unknown Territories (Overtone singing and ney) (Sinan Arat & Mark van Tongeren) 53:35 Ah nice bir Uyursun Uyanmaz Misin (music: anonymous; lyrics: Yunus Emre) (Sinan Arat & Mark van Tongeren 55:50 Huseyni Hymn “Severim Ben Seni” (music: Anonymous; lyrics: Yunus Emre) (Sinan Arat & Mark van Tongeren) Video and audio recording and editing: Casper Steketee Thanks to Nanny Roed Lauridsen and The Oosterkerk, Amsterdam and to Fons Elders, part of the ouroboros phenomenon, for title suggestions. Produced by Fusica

Author: tranquanghai1944

Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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