OVERTONE SINGING performed by the Dani tribe from Irian Jaya (Indonesian part of New Guinea). Discovery by Tran Quang Hai for the first time in 2002

Overtone singing of the ethnic group Dani from Irian Jaya ( Indonesian part of New Guinea ). Recorded documents were made by Anne Marie Pétrequin & Pierre Pétrequin (CNRS France) in the CD “Les Dani de Nouvelle Guinée”, 2001, nordsud music. This discovery of the overtone singing in New Guinea by the Dani tribe was unearthened by Tran Quang Hai in 2002 during the ICTM conference in 2007/. The spectral analysis showed the unbelievable richness of overtones.(Tran Quang Hai from France)

The song “Yo-Ayo-A-O” , Yeleme district, Irian Jaya.

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