Ensemble �Tyva� was founded by musicologist and folklorist Zoya Kyrgys in Kyzyl in 1987. The repertoire of the group contains some hundred of songs from all parts of Tuva. Ensemble is composed of best performers of unique art of Tuvans throat singing khorekteer the fascination of which is in the fact that one performer can produce simultaneously two or even three melodic lines.

Ensemble �Tyva� gives an opportunity of better understanding the Tuvan culture. In contrast to other folk groups, the program of �Tyva� is closely connected with the specific character of this region, this part of Siberia where all kinds of landscape, rich flora and fauna, various styles of life and economic activities. Ensemble reflects the variety of Tuvan culture as if conserving this kind of culture in its very early manifestations. Tuvan people have preserved these ancient methods of performance connected with imitation of the sounds of surrounding world up to our days. They are basic in Tuvan culture. The sounds of nature are used not only in throat singing but also in khomus (Jew’s Harp) playing. The knowledge of sound imitation is the key to throat singing, the key which helps to discover the secrets of this art.

The main goal of the group is to preserve, develop, and promote traditional forms of Tuvan art which are typical for nomads of Central Asia and at the same time to create its new forms. Ensemble performed in Mongolia, Taiwan, Holland, Sweden, Germany, Norway, US, Japan and other countries.

Ensemble �Tyva� performed in:


Clubs �DOM�, �Rotonda�, �PushkinG�, �OGI�, �Central House of Artists�

�Russia Radio�

Performance in popular Russian TV program �Anthropology�


Club �Spartak�5

Kyzyl (Tuva)

International festival of pop song �Melodies of Sayan Mountains� (Drama Theater named after Kok-ool)

Chadan (Tuva)

International Festival �Ustuu-Khuree� (Chadan Palace of Culture)




Tokyo � Sendai � Osaka � Okayama � Kioto


International Throat Singing Conference �Bridge � 2001�


In 2000 the first album �Ezengileer� (stirups)           of new �Tyva� was released.


At present �Tyva� prepares new album �CARAVAN� 

home concert in Osaka
ensemble “TYVA” 

  • Danzyryn Ayas-ool
  •  Choodu Nachyn
  • Chayan-Khoo Mergen
  • Choodu Shonchalai
Eki from Japan!

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