Famous performers of khorekteer, TUVA

Famous performers of khorekteer


  Soruktu Kyrgys

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In           1927 Kyrgys           Soruktu (born in the village of Mezhegei) was           famous among the           khoomei performers           in Erzin

People called           him khoomeileer           Soruktu, “master of           khoomei           Soruktu”.

Maksim Dakpai

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Diploma-winner of the All-Russian Amateur             Art Festival and             prize-winner of the World Festival in. In             HIS opinion, folk             tunes played on igil             are an expression             of the instrumental             “voice” which             is as individual and             unique as the human voice.
 Andrei Chuldum-ool

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The other           best known           center of           khorekteer is situated           in Central           Tuva in           the settlement           of Chyraa-Bazhy           in the Ulug-Khem district where             famous throat             singers Tumat             Kara-ool and             Andrei Chuldum-ool live.
 Marzhymal Ondar

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Marzhymal Ochurovich Ondar was the most famous performer of khorekteer from the village of Bora-Taiga.

He was one of           the performers of khorekteer who             carried musical             instrumental traditions             into our             days. At present             there remain very             few masters             like him.

 Khunashtaar-ool Oorzhak

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A peculiar feature of the artistic individuality of Khunashtaar-ool Oorzhak is his virtuosity in not only one or two styles of khorekteer singing (as is typical for Tuvan khoomeizhis), but in absolutely all of its styles and substyles.

Fedor Tau

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Fedor Tau was born in Tes-Khem District of Tuva. He won Tuva ski championship ten times. People’s Khoomeizhi of the Republic of Tyva.
[up] http://www.khoomei.narod.ru/khorekteereng.html

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