Mouth Harp meets Overtone Singing – feat. Neptune Chapotin at the ANCIENT TRANCE Festival 2019

Mouth Harp meets Overtone Singing – feat. Neptune Chapotin at the ANCIENT TRANCE Festival 2019

Ajoutée le 12 août 2019

mouth harp by Neptune Chapotin vocal sounds by Miroslav Grosser filmed by Fabian Preis at the Ancient Trance Festival 2019 visit our workshops and concerts at the New Healing Festival 2019

MuOM, Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir

MuOM, Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir

Ajoutée le 1 déc. 2014

MuOM concert clips at: Casa del Tibet & La Sagrada Familia. Impromptu singing in the Plaça Catalunya metro. Workshop moments at Nírmala Yoga & Therapies Center. Support us buying our music:…… MuOM in this video: Moisés Manuel Pérez Miguélez Sylvan Farran James Joaquín Manjón Peñalver David Sitges-Sardà Josep María Aragay Borràs Cumie Dunio Riki Parenti Film Director: Miquel Àngel Raió Editor: Francesc Sitges Sardà Assistants to the Director: Pau Ramírez Sergio Román Fran D’Acosta Colorist: Adrià Cillero * Thank you to the public present in this video, and to all who have attended our concerts. Thanks to: Casa del Tibet & Lama Thubten Wangchen Sagrada Familia Church Casa Rural Can Buxaus Alex Amengual Ramon Clemente Zeneida Sardà Rosa Bazán Eleni Charitidou


CHANTS ENCOUNTER: Overtone Singing around the World

CHANTS ENCOUNTER: Overtone Singing around the World

Ajoutée le 22 nov. 2014

CHANTS ENCOUNTER is an extraordinary journey of sight and sound to the world of Gregorian Chant, Tibetan monasteries, and the centuries-old Mongolian style of overtone singing. It demonstrates the powerful healing and meditative qualities of ritual chanting and overtone harmonics. Host and producer, Don Hill captures a special “chants encounter” of the Ganden Jangtse monks of India. In exile since the invasion of their Tibetan homeland in 1959, the Ganden Jangtse monks perform sacred dances and ritual overtone chanting to raise money to sustain their transplanted monastery. Outstanding location footage features the people and monasteries of Tibet; the construction of a beautiful sand mandala floor-painting by the Ganden Jangtse monks; Gregorian chant complimented by glimpses of the harmonically stunning interior of Amien’s Notre Dame, a 13th century cathedral in northern France; the Slot Canyons of Arizona; as well as Canada’s breathtaking Rocky Mountains and scenic Pacific Coast.



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Associate professor at Rio de Janeiro Federal University School of Music, Leonardo Fuks combines a background in mechanical and acoustical engineering with a 25 years carrier as orchestra oboist and contemporary music performer.
He obtained his doctoral degree at the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology, KTH, with prof. Johan Sundberg, studing acoustical, physiological and perceptual aspects in woodwinds and in Tibetan-type bass phonation.
His main present project deals with the development and production of new instruments for research, education and experimental music. Such instruments and components are usually inexpensive and made of non-conventional materials, such as resins, carbon fiber, pvc and plastic films.
Fuks´workshop has produced more than two thousant professional clarinet and sax mouthpieces, besides flute bocals and baroque oboes.
His lectures and workshops have been presented in several countries: Japan, USA, Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Switzerland, Italy and Sweden.
Dr Fuks is the founder and director of two contemporary ensembles: Cyclophonica Bike Orchestra and Cellphonica,  a group that employs cell phones as conventional solo and chamber instruments.