Sundukai sings kargyraa and khoomei.

Sundukai sings kargyraa and khoomei.

192 views•Nov 26, 2019 24 0 Share SaveORPHOLOGIST 411 subscribers Sundukai was a singer/ khoomeizhi, undoubtedly an important figure in Tuvan music and culture in the second part of the XXth Century. Mainly because of his dynamic personality. Sundukai was a free mind and free thinker with tons of built-in knowledge of Tuvan culture. He lived during the USSR in Siberian taiga, was killed by a bunch of drunk teens after the Perestroyka. Life never cherished him, but he was 100% alive, caring and proud of his nation. Here he sings khoomei and kargyraa styles. Filmed by Orphologist in the summer of 1994. More videos to come and my field recordings of his music soon to be released on Sound Reporters label (Bandcamp)