TRAN QUANG HAI sings “JINGLE BELLS” with overtones

TRAN QUANG HAI sings “JINGLE BELLS” with overtones

20 759 vues•24 déc. 2008 83 5 Partager EnregistrerQuangHai Tran 6 k abonnés Tran Quang Hai uses the overtone singing style to sing “Jingle Bells” to celebrate CHRISTMAS

Polyphonic Overtone Singing Christmas Pack

Polyphonic Overtone Singing Christmas Pack

1 343 vues•24 déc. 2015 26 1 Partager EnregistrerAbout Harmonics Christmas tunes performed with Polyphonic Overtone Singing by Walter Mantovani on December 22, 2015.

00:00 We Wish You a Merry Christmas

00:18 Deck the Halls

00:54 Greensleeves

01:38 Silent Night

02:23 Jingle Bells

03:01 Greensleeves fast version – Credits

MuOM – overtone singing improvisation

MuOM – overtone singing improvisation

40 642 vues•26 mars 2012 485 8 Partager EnregistrerCumie Music 891 abonnés Barcelona’s Overtone Singing Choir sings an improvization // El coro de Canto Armónico de Barcelona canta una improvización. . seated from left to right: Moisés Manuel Perez Miguelez Farran Sylvan James Joaquín Manjón Peñalver standing from left to right: Josep María Aragay Borràs David Sitges Riccardo Parenti Cumie Dunio For music & concert dates, search “MuOM” on facebook and myspace. Para música y fechas de conciertos, busca “MuOM” en facebook y myspace. Thanks to Alex Amengual and Golden Studio Barcelona for producing the video.

Huun Huur Tu – Chiraa-Khoor

Huun Huur Tu – Chiraa-Khoor

1 013 235 vues•10 févr. 2010 9,7 k 117 Partager EnregistrerPlushmusicTV 1,45 k abonnés HHT perform live at Fantasy Studios. See more clips, get embed codes and information at…

Translation: In the middle of the green steppe, Chyraa-Khoor, there’s a lonely pine tree swaying in the wind. In its shadow I will rest— I, happy and relentless traveler. In the middle of the yellow steppe, there’s a lonely pine swaying. The air is ripe with aromas of the steppe, easy on my soul. I’m a relentless traveler. It’s difficult to be away from the taiga, but I will ride to Tandy steppe. Among its people, the Oyun-Salchak, I will reside. There, in the land of Salchak, you would come first — the winner, Chyraa-Khoor! From my beautiful wife, I hide my tears.

7 stili di Canto Armonico Difonico Tuvano (khöömei) – Giovanni Bortoluzzi

7 stili di Canto Armonico Difonico Tuvano (khöömei) – Giovanni Bortoluzzi

2 621 vues•1 janv. 2017 88 1 Partager EnregistrerGiovanni Bortoluzzi 1,65 k abonnés i 7 stili principali del canto armonico difonico di Tuva (Siberia del Sud)! Ogni stile è caratterizzato da un utilizzo melodico degli armonici naturali a fondamentale costante. 0:04 kargyraa (stessa tecnica del Bassu del Canto a Tenore Sardo) 0:22 khoomei (stessa tecnica del Contra del Canto a Tenore Sardo) 0:37 sygyt 0:53 ezengileer 1:10 borbangnadyr 3:09 dumchuktaar 3:31 chylandyk Practicing the seven styles of Tuvan Throat Singing: Kargyraa, khoomei, sygyt, ezengileer, borbangnadyr, dumchuktaar, chylandyk, near river Piave (Italy). Contact me for skype lessons:

Hildegard von Bingen – HOMMAGE by Anna Maria Hefele

Hildegard von Bingen – HOMMAGE

4 054 vues•5 déc. 2019 389 10 Partager EnregistrerAnna-Maria Hefele 78,1 k abonnés Anna-Maria Hefele – voice Tomek Kolczynski – electronics Giuseppe Lomeo – guitar concert organized by LEMOSCHE filmed @ Oratorio di Sant’Orsola, Palermo We’re happy to perform at your festival, venue or event, please get in touch: video by Thomas Radlwimmer © 2019