Huun Huur Tu – Chiraa-Khoor

Huun Huur Tu – Chiraa-Khoor

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Translation: In the middle of the green steppe, Chyraa-Khoor, there’s a lonely pine tree swaying in the wind. In its shadow I will rest— I, happy and relentless traveler. In the middle of the yellow steppe, there’s a lonely pine swaying. The air is ripe with aromas of the steppe, easy on my soul. I’m a relentless traveler. It’s difficult to be away from the taiga, but I will ride to Tandy steppe. Among its people, the Oyun-Salchak, I will reside. There, in the land of Salchak, you would come first — the winner, Chyraa-Khoor! From my beautiful wife, I hide my tears.

Author: tranquanghai1944

Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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