Traditional Mongolian Song “Four Mountains” by throat singer Zagd-Ochir

Traditional Mongolian Song “Four Mountains” by throat singer Zagd-Ochir

49 997 vues•28 janv. 2017 520 14 Partager EnregistrerOTMT 19,2 k abonnés Music is an integral part of Mongolian culture. Among the unique contributions of Mongolia to the world’s musical culture are the long songs, overtone singing and morin khuur, the horse-headed fiddle. The music of Mongolia is also rich with varieties related to the different ethnic groups of the country: Oirat, Hotogoid, Tuva, Darhad, Buryat, Tsaatan, Dariganga, Uzemchin, Barga, Kazakh and Khalha.

In Memory of Michael Vetter (1943-2013) I 費特大師的泛唱工作坊

In Memory of Michael Vetter (1943-2013) I 費特大師的泛唱工作坊

3 831 vues•8 janv. 2014 33 0 Partager Enregistrertaimu chung 19 abonnés A great music master, Michael Vetter came to Taipei National University of Arts in 2005 to give workshops and performances of his overtone works. He enjoyed this encounter a lot and had left an impact on the arts students and overtone lovers of Taiwan. We love Michii.

Michael Vetter “Nocturne” (1992)

Michael Vetter “Nocturne” (1992)

2 784 vues•12 mai 2017 35 0 Partager EnregistrerCosmic Pickle 4,37 k abonnés MICHAEL VETTER “NOCTURNE” (1992) An interesting album, again currently out of print from Michael Vetter. 1)”Ascension”(Voice and Tambura)(0:00) 2)”Nocturne l”(Recorder)(22:30) 3)”Incantation”(Voice and Tambura)(33:18) 4)”Nocturne ll”(Recorder)(1:05:35) All pieces composed and performed by Michael Vetter. Recorded November 1992 Michael Vetter (18 September 1943 – 7 December 2013) was a German composer, novelist, poet, performer, calligrapher, artist, and teacher.

Natascha Nikeprelevic: INVOCATION – Ritual for overtones with sub octave

Natascha Nikeprelevic: INVOCATION – Ritual for overtones with sub octave

3 773 vues•3 févr. 2018 97 0 Partager EnregistrerNatascha Nikeprelevic 4,96 k abonnés April 13th -15th 2018: NEXT SEMINAR held by Natascha Nikeprelevic in St. Gallen, Switzerland: “crystal-clear Overtones”. Here is the link with more details:… Natascha Nikeprelevic: Invocation (Anrufung). Ritual for voice acapella. I am using the technique of overtones with sub octave-singing. Live-Performance at Transit International Theatre Festival, ODIN Teatret (Eugenio Barba), Denmark.

Overtone Singing Duet: Natascha Nikeprelevic & Michael Vetter

Overtone Singing Duet: Natascha Nikeprelevic & Michael Vetter

862 22 Partager EnregistrerNatascha Nikeprelevic 4,96 k abonnés Natascha Nikeprelevic and Michael Vetter are virtuosos at overtone singing. With their program “Okyo” (japanese. “prayer”) they show the sound dimensions between linguistic and instrumental overtone aspects. Vetter is a pioneer of western overtone-singing-music and he developed his overtone-vocal-techniques already in the late 60ties influenced by K. Stockhausen with whom he worked closely. One can say that all methods for overtone singing that are mainly used today are based on Vetter´s developed techniques. His systematic exercise instructions for overtone singing are published, among others, on the CD “Om – an overtone school” by Schott Verlag. Natascha is the master disciple of Michael Vetter and teaches overtone singing after his method (Teaching video and DVD: Dao of Overtone Singing:…). Together they form the first explicit overtone singing duet using the Vetter-Style. Natascha Nikeprelevic | youtube-channel: Artist-website: Facebook:… Download music: