Michael Vetter “Nocturne” (1992)

Michael Vetter “Nocturne” (1992)

2 784 vues•12 mai 2017 35 0 Partager EnregistrerCosmic Pickle 4,37 k abonnés MICHAEL VETTER “NOCTURNE” (1992) An interesting album, again currently out of print from Michael Vetter. 1)”Ascension”(Voice and Tambura)(0:00) 2)”Nocturne l”(Recorder)(22:30) 3)”Incantation”(Voice and Tambura)(33:18) 4)”Nocturne ll”(Recorder)(1:05:35) All pieces composed and performed by Michael Vetter. Recorded November 1992 Michael Vetter (18 September 1943 – 7 December 2013) was a German composer, novelist, poet, performer, calligrapher, artist, and teacher. youtube.com/watch?v=bAqPPm556zM&list=PLb4qjr6zAYgPiS22oIXWx_ZWzvOSYP0QI&index=5 wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Vetter

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Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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