Dr. NGUYỄN VI SƠN’s appreciation, Houston, Texas, USA, 2018

Since 1966, Tran Quang Hai has given over 3,000 concerts in 70 countries, and has taken part in a hundred or so international traditional music festivals. He has taken part in radio and television broadcasts in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Australia.Professor Hai has perfected and made us understand more the Jew’s Harp, the Song of Harmonics, he is the greatest specialist in overtone singing.


Dr. Nguyen Vi Son

Former Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University

Former Assistant Professor at The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Careers

Foreword in the book : Tran Quang Hai : 50 Years of Vietnamese Traditional Music and Overtone Singing, 2018, California, USA

Jonathan Goldman – HEALING SOUNDS

Jonathan Goldman – HEALING SOUNDS

17 276 vues•15 avr. 2015 170 7 Partager EnregistrerJonathan Goldman 43,6 k abonnés “Heart of Compassion” is a specially remix created for Jonathan Goldman’s “HEALING SOUNDS: Frequencies II”. For the complete CD of this recording or a digital download, please visit http://www.healingsounds.com