Space Sound Voice – Full Documentary about Overtone Singing and Harmonics

Space Sound Voice – Full Documentary about Overtone Singing and Harmonics

960 vues•30 nov. 2019 43 0 Partager EnregistrerVoid Visuals 1,43 k abonnés This documentary about overtone singing was published in 2010. Now for the 10 years anniversary it is available in full length here. ENJOY! Harmonic Singing (also known as overtone singing) has the power to move us deeply. It is an ancient form of singing, using our voice to produce two or more tones at once. But how does it work? And how can harmonic singing have such a profound effect on us? In the documentary “Space Sound Voice” filmmaker Minghao Xu takes us on a quest for the origins of harmonics, giving us insight in our own ability to sing harmonics. Not only a varied range of international overtone singers is introduced, but also the scientific side is well presented, resulting in an inspirig journey through the world of sound. This film documentation portrays seven musicians and tells the story of my personal fascination for ‘overtone-singing’ and the fractal geometry of sound. With: David Hykes Wolfgang Saus Christian Bollmann Danny Wetzels Hosoo & Transmongolia Jill Purce Mark van Tongeren The DVD with extra materials is available in English and German at the German publishing house See my recent works in Animation and VFX on