ARJUNA  , Berkeley, CA, USA

Arjuna is an experienced performer and teacher of overtone singing. He is also a recording artist, with 2 fine Overtone Singing CDs to his credit. I had the great pleasure of a spending a few weeks with him in 2002. Singing and making incredible sounds, and witnessed his teaching methods at his Berkeley performance space, Tuva, where he has hosted numerous throatsinging artists and workshops. He also plays didgeridoo (yedaki) and the large, telescoping Tibetan horn, which he can perform while circular breathing and singing harmonics.


I first met Bernard in person several years ago when we were both subjects of art medical investigation by the American Cente, as a performer, mentor, and organizer of the excellent Montreal Throat Singing Festival, which I was privileged to attend as an instructor for Voice and Speech. He is a talented overtone singer and researcher who has succeeded in creating a real scene in Montreal, as a performer, mentor, and prganizer of the excellent Montreal Throat Singing Festival, which <I was privileged to attend as an instructor in 2000. Bernard’s overtone singing has appeared in IMAX productions. He has also independently but like Arjuna developed a technique for singing very low tones .


Jonathan is the director of the Sound Healers Association, and longtime teacher and student of the use of harmonics and personal transformation. He has studied with masters of several traditions, including the Tibetan Gyuto and Gyume monks. Jonathan has authored several books, has recorded several highly acclaimed CDs, and performed with other recording artists, including Kiitaro’s 2001 Grammy-winning Cd.

SAULI HEIKKILÄ, Helsinki, Finland

Sauli has been singing in the Tuvan styles for several years, and performs with his throatsinging group CEDIP TUR, which includes traditional Tuvan instruments. They performed live on Tuvan TV and got great reviews.Sauli has been instrumental in making Finland a true hotbed of khoo-maniacs, and has a khoomei promoter has arranged many tours by singers from Tuva and around the world.


HHT is the best known Tuvan Throat Singing group in the world, having performed numerous world tours and recording several outstanding CDs. Through these activities, and their many workshops, they have stimulated great interest around the globe in harmonic singing. In addition, they are fine instrumental musicians, allowing them to create brillian new arrangements of Tuvan music, and to participate with others in synthesizing new forms of world music. In 2001, they were recognized by the government as among the Greatest Tuvans of the Twentieth Century for their musical achievements, and as cultural ambassadors for Tuva to the world.


Michael specializes in Mongolian Khoomii. He has been studying khoomei since 1988, attending lectures by Dr. Carol Pegg (Cambridge University), Tran Quang Hai (Musée de l’Homme, Paris) and Dr. Alain Desjacques (Lille University). He has traveled to Mongolia four times, where he studied Khoomii with Tserendavaa, Gereltsogt, Ganbold, Sengedorj, Tsogbaatar, the “cream” of Mongolia’s Khoomii singers.In 1994 Michael was given by Gerelsogt  to teach the basic practices of khoomworkshops, lectures and individual lessons worldwide and in the summe of 200ei singing. Since then he has give workshops, lectures and individual lessons worldwide and in the summer of 2002 Michael  toured Europ with Tserendavaa who gave both of them   blessing to teach the basics of Mongolian khoomei.

Michael is currently creating a “who’s who” of Mongolian khoomei singers from around the world.


Riki is a member of the fine Japanese khoomei group TARBAGAN. A khoomei enthusiast for many years, he’s made several trips to Tuva, learning to play many Tuvan instruments. He is currently working on a book of Tuvan songs with English translations. HHT have tole me more than one that Riki is one of the very finest non- Tuvan khoomei singers that they have ever heard with a very authentic sound.

TRAN QUANG HAI, Paris, France

Hai is a unique personality in the harmonic singing world. Hai delved into harmonic singing back in the early 1970s, one of the first in the West to do so. For decades, he has been one of the most active researchers of all things harmonic, with a position at the prestigious CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research), and the Department of Ethnomusicology of the Musée de , and is also a recountries. He is also one of the world’s firnest virtuoso of Jaw harp and spoons (yes, spoons) and is also a renowned performer of Vietnamese folk music. AHai served as the President of the Jury at the 1995 Khoomei competition in Kyzyl (Tuva)

MARK VAN TONGEREN, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Mark is the author of OVERTONE SINGING which I can state with great confidence is the finest, most information and inclusive work produced so far on this topic. He’s spent years studying harmonic singing as an art form, and as a cultural developmentt in many different cultures. He learned overtone singing from Rollin Rachele and others, and also has learned to sing well in many of the Tuvan styles, one of the very few singers to focus on both directions.


Dr. Suzukei is a Tuvan ethnomusicologist who is widely regarded as an expert on Tuvan music, khoomei and musical instruments. She has authored several books and articles on the same, including THE DRONE OVERTONE BASIS OF TRADITIONAL INSTRUMENTAL MUSICIANSHIP OF THE TUVANS,which is in the process of being translated from Tuvan and Russian into English. Dr. Suzukei is also working on developin a new form of music theory to deal with Tuvan Throat Singing.

THUPTEN DADAK, (pronounced Toop-ten), Tibet

Thupten is an expert on all things Tibetan. He lives here in Minnesota, where he founded the second largest Tibetan community in North America, now numbering about 1,000. He was born near the base of Mt Everest, and fled with his family to India at age 5. He spent many years as a Gyoto monk. Thupten has been a major force in the Tibetan community, working with the Dalai Lama and other Tibetan leaders, arranging tours, hosting, and traveling with many Tibetan groups including monks from Gyuto, Gyume, Drepung Loseling, Sera Je monasteries. Here in MN he founded the Gyuto Wheel of Dharma Monastery. Also, he has been instrumental in such charitable endeavors such as building schools in poor, remote areas of Tibet. Thupten is the owner of Heart of Tibet store in Stillwater, MN. In addition to having mastered the Tibetan low voice chant, Thupten is a performer of Tibetan Singing Bowls and other percussion, and is a self taught improvisational flutist.


IAHS E-Journal #1

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Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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