Some Khöömii, Khoomei, Overtone Singing Links and Related Sites, established by Steve SKLAR before 2000

Some Khöömii, Khoomei, Overtone Singing Links and Related Sites

This info was send to me by Steve Sklar who set up the Khoo-maniacs EZ board. Please check out all these sites. If you wish to tell me of more sites I will add them. Email me at to do this

Khoo-Maniacs EZ Board: The place to discuss and work on khoomei and all forms of harmonic singing!

Big Sky MP3 Page: There are 3 mp3 songs here with examples of my khoomei: “Siberia,” “Fire in the Water,” and “Far Away.”

Huun-Huur-Tu: Ingrid Verhamme’s excellent site about the premier Tuvan ensemble. Bios, pics, tour info, links, and more!

Mark von Tongeren: Mark is a fine overtone and khoomei singer, and author of Overtone Singing.

Tran Quang Hai: Site of one of the pioneer researchers of overtone singing and vituoso Jaw Harpist, with many links : ;

Arjuna Overtone singer and teacher in Berkely, CA

Jonathan Goldman: Boulder, CO based overtone singer and President of Sound Healers Association

Tarbagan: Fine Japanese khoomei duo

Michael Ormiston: Michael’s web site is the best I’ve seen about Mongolian Throat-Singing.

Paul Pena: Blues singer, throat-singer and star of “Genghis Blues”

Genghis Blues: Web site for the documentary film about Paul Pena’s 1995 trip to Tuva

Yat-Kha: Excellent Tuvan ensemble led by Albert Kuvezin, a founding member of HHT

Jim Cole: Overtone singer Jim Cole and his group Spectral Voices have a several recordings here..

Friends of Tuva: The first and most comprehensive site for all things Tuvan

The Tuva Trader Online: Looking for the right gift for your favorite Tuvaphile?

Oberton Seiten: Wolfgang Saus’ Overtone Singing Site (in German)

Avant@rt – The place for Jazz, Theater, Russia, China and more….

Discography of Mongolian, Siberian, and Tuvan Music. From FoT

Cedip Tur: Khoomei, Finnish style

Finnish Throat-Singing Society

Tyva Kyzy Meaning “Tuvan Girl,” a name suggested by khoomei great Khunashtaar-ool Oorzhak, this is an all-female Tuvan group.

Hosoo: Mongolian Khoomei Singer

Scientific American Article on Throat-Singing: Interesting piece by Ted Levin and Michael Edgerton (English Version)

Christian Bollmann’s Overtone Choir: German and English pages

Leonardo Fuchs: Brazillian harmonic singer and researcher

David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir: Web home of David Hykes, one of the earliest pioneers of western overtone singing. Bios, pics, CD sales, and more

Pure Nature Music: Interesting khoomei site with several artists

Sainkho Namtchylak: Incredible female singer from Tuva

Totem People’s Preservation Site: Preserving threatened Central Asian cultures

Michael Vetter: Veteran overtone singer (in German)

La Voix Duphoiques: Overtone ensemble (in French)

Ken Hyder: Shamanic jazz, with throat-singing, yeah!

Stuart Hinds: American harmonic singer specializing in contrapuntal music

Namgar: Buryat-Mongol music

Overtone Series: Time to brush up on harmonic theory?

Overtone Report: Interesting article on overtone singing

Vershki da Koreshki: Interesting ensemble; Tuvan master singer Kaigal-ool Khovalyg of HHT is part-time member

Mystical Arts of Tibet: Site for performing monks that tour the world

Welcome to Tuva: Interesting Tuvan web site

Chanting: Not necessarily harmonic, but interesting

Tenoresgoine: Sardinian Ensemble

Khoomei Center, Kyzl Tuva: Site by Zoya Kyrgys, director of “International Scientific Centre Khoomei” (in Russian)

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Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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