How to do Mongolian Throat Singing (Tuvan / Tibetan / Didgeridoo)

How to do Mongolian Throat Singing (Tuvan / Tibetan / Didgeridoo)

757,357 views•Feb 26, 2012 8.1K 1.9K Share SaveThe Chris Lapakko – The King of Earned Media 6.9K subscribers One time donation – Become a patron – Follow me on Twitter – @TheChrisLapakko Like me on Facebook – Someone sent me this message a while back. I’m sorry for my cultural ignorance. It is NOT Tibetan!!!! IT IS MONGOLIAN! Throat singing came from Mongolia! It irritates the fuck out of me when people say Tuvan or Tibetan. It’s like saying to Russian that they are Polish just because they are similar race, which is slavic people. Tuvan people actually do practice throat singing most commonly although they go by Russian ethnic group. But definitely not Tibetan tho!!! You’re probably confusing with Tibetan monks chant because they are sound similar.

The Beauty of Mongolian Throat Singing

The Beauty of Mongolian Throat Singing

The Beauty of Mongolian Throat Singing

164,870 views•Dec 6, 2018 3.5K 35 Share SaveGreat Big Story 4.85M subscribers One of the world’s oldest musical forms, throat singing is a stunning physical feat in which performers use precise movements of the mouth, larynx and jaw to create multiple notes simultaneously. For Mendbayar, throat singing is more than a technically impressive performance style; it’s a source of profound happiness and a way to share the beauty of his native Mongolia. When he’s not performing for audiences across Europe and Asia, he’s training the next generation at his International Throat Singing School in Ulaanbaatar. This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis: SUBSCRIBE: This story is a part of our Human Condition series. Come along and let us connect you to some of the most peculiar, stirring, extraordinary, and distinctive people in the world. Got a story idea for us? Shoot us an email at hey [at] GreatBigStory [dot] com