The Children of the Sound – 6 Principles of Overtone Singing

The Children of the Sound – 6 Principles of Overtone Singing

573 views•Sep 26, 2019 34 0 Share SaveMiroslavGrosser 6.87K subscribers bookings for concerts and workshops via individual sessions on skype with miroslavgrosser (Berlin) more about Miroslav Grosser here:… The Six Principles of Overtone Singing are: 1. active listening and feeling of every detail of the sound and all the vibrations in your own body and energy system as carefully as possible with all senses 2. staying relaxed in body and mind 3. slow singing / slowmotion 4. sliding / scanning 5. tuning into the resonance 6. building a deeper relationship with the sound and every single overtone for German speaking friends here my 3 hours overtone video course online:… Obertongesang und Stimmbildung: (Einzelunterricht in Berlin und weltweit per Skype) Nächste Workshops für Obertongesang: CD´s und mp3 mit Obertongesang (inklusive Lern-CD):… Facebook: Soundcloud: Instagram:… Good luck with your overtones and all the best for your voice!

Author: tranquanghai1944

Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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