MARK VAN TONGEREN : The main theme for Shruti Nights IX in May

Shruti Nights IX: Harmonies and MelodiesMark van TongerenFollowLikeCommentShareTran Quang Hai2613 Shares617 Views · about 2 weeks ago · /近期課程/

★ 歌唱,與風琴合唱★【和弦】

五月的主題是: 如何用人聲建構多個旋律線~ 以及以人聲搭配印度風琴。


歡迎愛唱旋律的歌者/ 愛唱基礎音的/ 愛唱泛音/ 愛共鳴的人加入。
小班制。 早鳥價只到4/25。


The main theme for Shruti Nights IX in May:

Learn how to add multiple harmonies and melodies with shruti boxes and voices.

Mark van Tongeren singing overtones filmed during Resonance Retreat, april 2020, by Sunny Chen. Other voices overdubbed later.

For singers, droners, overtone singers, resonators. Limited places, register now.


Author: tranquanghai1944

Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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