Kongar-ol Ondar & Paul Pena GENGHIS BLUES

Genghis Blues movie poster artKongar-ol Ondar & Paul Pena
Genghis Blues movie poster art


October 2 2005 Update: it is with heavy hearts that we inform you that Paul Pena passed away today.

Genghis Blues

American throatsinger and bluesman Paul Pena had  been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (and was subsequently rediagnosed with pancreatitis – see www.paulpena.com for some more detail).

In 1995 Paul travelled to Kyzyl to participate in the Khoomei symposium and placed first in the kargyraa category. This journey was the focus of the documentary “Genghis Blues”. Paul is well known to Friends of Tuva as “Cher Shimjer” (Earthquake), one half of the band Genghis Blues (with Kongar-ol Ondar), and he is also known in the blues world and in the rock world.

Paul had been living with a pancreatic illness for several years. Originally thought to be cancer, it now looks more like pancreatitis.  The generous contributions of people like you made it possible for Paul to receive round the clock care in his apartment in San Francisco.

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Official Web Sites

Articles and Reviews

Here’s a list of references to reviews about the movie, articles about Paul Pena and Roko Belic and Adrian Belic, and related items online. It’s really great to see a few Friends of Tuva chase after a dream and actually realize it.

Video Release

Genghis Blues is now available (as of December, 2000) on videocassette and DVD.


  • Paul’s good friend and long time helper Seth Augustus has released his own CD of Tuvan-influenced music.  Seth has studied under Paul and we refer you to his CD as a small thanks for his efforts in helping Paul over the years.
  • http://www.fotuva.org/gb/index.html

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