MISSION Preservation and development of traditional culture of Tuvan throat singing khorekteer. Organization of scientific research for revealing and study of throat singing of the peoples of Sayan-Altai Region and other parts of the world and their propaganda. Creation of archives khorekteer recordings and their analysis. Training and probation of young performers including foreign performers in the experimental laboratory of the center. Participation in international music contests and organization of international symposia, seminars, conferences and festivals of Tuvan throat singing khorekteer. Promotion of scientific-practical international contacts. Social protection of performers.
01.05.2008 We are honored to invite you to participate in the 5th International Ethnomusicology Symposium “Khoomei (throat-singing) is a Cultural Phenomenon of the Peoples of Central Asia” to be held July 25-28, 2008 in Kyzyl, the capital of the Republic of Tuva.
The problems of the functioning and development of throat singing in the different regions will be discussed.
Within the framework of the Symposium the 5th International festival of throat singing with participation of the performers from Moscow, Republic of Altay, Republic of Khakasia, Republic of Buryatia, Republic of Kalmykia, Republic of Yakutia, Republic of Bashkortostan, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Japan, USA, France, Holland, Austria, Turkey and Norway will be held.
The issues of musical ethnography on following directions will be discussed:
1. Comparative study of double-voiced throat-singing (Khoomei).
2. Genres of traditional music ( ritual music, epos, lyric poetry).
3. Musical instruments and instrumental music.
4. Traditional music and religious systems.
5. Issues of migration of musical phenomena. Interaction of nomadic and settled cultures. Musical folklore as a source of historic information on ethnogenesis of peoples of Central Asia.
 In work of  the symposium scientists of khoomei studies, physicians-physiologists, scientist physicists, musicologists, scientists of folk arts, throat singing performers, also representatives philological, history sciences will take part. Their themes are closely connected with marked problems.
    Registration fee is 300$ US. Different exhibitions, show of movies, trips to the countryside of Tyva are in the program.
The thesis of scientific papers should be no more than 2 A4 (1,5 interval) both in English and Russian languages should be sent not later than 1st April 2008 (Thesis received after the 1st of April will not be included in the final thesis publication).
We kindly ask you to include the best people’s khoomei performers into the list of your delegation (not more than 2 people) to participate in the concert of the traditional music.
Accommodation and travel expenses are paid by participants; food and cultural program are paid by organizing committee of the Symposium.  
We look forward to your acceptance.
Organizing Committee: International Scientific Centre “Khoomei”
                                         46,Shchetinkin-Kravchenko str .
                                      Kyzyl, Republic of Tyva, Russia, 667000
                                      tel: +7 (39422) 2-33-18 fax: +7 (39422) 3-38-97
                                            mobile: +7 913 342-43-87
Khorekteer exists in five style: khoomei, sygyt, kargyraa, borbannadyr, ezengileer. Sub-styles: chylandyk, despen borban, opei khoomei, buga khoomei, kanzyp, khovu kargyraazy, kozhagar kargyraazy, dag kargyraazy, kargyraa of singer Oidupaa, uyangylaar, damyraktaar, kishteer, serlennedyr, byrlannadyr. more>>
The history of investigation of Tuvan throat singing khorekteer accounts more than hundred and fifty years. For the first time khorekteer was recorded in Easten Tuva in 1865. P. Ostrovskinh (1897), E.K. Yakovlev (1989), G.E. Grum-Grzhimailo (1901), A.V. Anokhin (1910), E.V. Gippius (1927), A.N. Aksenov (1944), S.I. Vainshtein (1956) made their contribution in the investigation of Tuvan throat singing khorekteer. more>>
The disk of eminent throat singers Kyrgys Soruktu, Sat Manchakai, Sanchy Kyzyl-ool and M. Kombu was released in 30’s of 20th century. Ak-Ool Kara-Sal, Khomushku Idamchap, Marzhymal Ondar, Maksim Dakpai, Oorzhak Khunashtaar-ool were the followers of khorekteer tradition. They were the ones who contributed to the preservation and development of tradition of Tuvan throat singing khorekteer. more>> 
SHAMANISM IN TUVA Beside songs, tales and legends throat singing khorekteer and shamanic kamlanie are distinguished as main performance traditions which play an important role in the life of Tuvan ethnos. It is practically impossible to combine these forms because they performed different functions in culture of Tuvans. Throat singing khorekteer is an acoustical-physiological phenomenon in its nature and structural parameters tightly connected with lyric songs and instrumental music while shamanic kamlanie is a ritual singing of shaman which is sung by the “voice” of spirits helpers being a intermediary between them.  The main goal of Tuvan shamanism as a belief is to establish harmony between man and his surrounding world. more>>
Ensemble Tyva was founded in Kyzyl in 1987 by musicologist and folklorist Zoya Kyrgys. Its repertoire contains some hundreds folk songs from all districts of Tuva. The performers of this group are the best representatives of Tuvan throat singing khorekeer the fascination of which is in the fact one person produces simultaneously two or three melodic lines. more>>
Director: Z.Kyrgys Copyright © 2003 | Pictures painted by  A.Chernyak | Designed by I.Denisov 667000, Shetinkina-Kravchenko st. 46. Kyzyl, Republic of TYVA Russian Federation
fone +7 (39422) 2-33-18, +7 (39422) 3-38-97, +7 (39422) 1-14-29

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Kongar-ol Ondar & Paul Pena GENGHIS BLUES

Genghis Blues movie poster artKongar-ol Ondar & Paul Pena
Genghis Blues movie poster art


October 2 2005 Update: it is with heavy hearts that we inform you that Paul Pena passed away today.

Genghis Blues

American throatsinger and bluesman Paul Pena had  been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer (and was subsequently rediagnosed with pancreatitis – see for some more detail).

In 1995 Paul travelled to Kyzyl to participate in the Khoomei symposium and placed first in the kargyraa category. This journey was the focus of the documentary “Genghis Blues”. Paul is well known to Friends of Tuva as “Cher Shimjer” (Earthquake), one half of the band Genghis Blues (with Kongar-ol Ondar), and he is also known in the blues world and in the rock world.

Paul had been living with a pancreatic illness for several years. Originally thought to be cancer, it now looks more like pancreatitis.  The generous contributions of people like you made it possible for Paul to receive round the clock care in his apartment in San Francisco.

dd_document2.jpg (46802 bytes)

Official Web Sites

Articles and Reviews

Here’s a list of references to reviews about the movie, articles about Paul Pena and Roko Belic and Adrian Belic, and related items online. It’s really great to see a few Friends of Tuva chase after a dream and actually realize it.

Video Release

Genghis Blues is now available (as of December, 2000) on videocassette and DVD.


  • Paul’s good friend and long time helper Seth Augustus has released his own CD of Tuvan-influenced music.  Seth has studied under Paul and we refer you to his CD as a small thanks for his efforts in helping Paul over the years.

Polyphonic overtone singing – How to use it in a song!

Polyphonic overtone singing – How to use it in a song!

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Polyphonic Overtone singing practice! Follow along 🙂 with tips!

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Sigit, Kargiraa and Khoomei by Gennadi Tumat

Sigit, Kargiraa and Khoomei

583 views•Nov 8, 2014 110ShareSaveGennadi Tumat – Topic 33 subscribers Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Sigit, Kargiraa and Khoomei · Traditional · Tuva Ensemble · Gennadi Tumat Tuva—Voices from the Land of the Eagles ℗ 1991 PAN Records Released on: 1991-10-01 Screenplay Author: Traditional Auto-generated by YouTube.

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(HD) Huun Huur Tu – Walking the Tyva Trailer

(HD) Huun Huur Tu – Walking the Tyva Trailer

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‘Ancestors’ Huun Huur Tu 2016 China Tour in Beijing @Stallion Era

‘Ancestors’ Huun Huur Tu 2016 China Tour in Beijing @Stallion Era

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Morgul-Ancestors Call (Live)




Live at The Triskel

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FAR OFF SOUNDS – Huun Huur Tu: The Tuvan Masters

FAR OFF SOUNDS – Huun Huur Tu: The Tuvan Masters

44,929 views•May 19, 2016 7319ShareSaveFar Off Sounds 2.05K subscribers “Tuvan throat-singing”, or khoomei, is an ancient pastime in the steppes of Tuva, a country nestled between Mongolia and Russia. For thousands of years, herders and farmers there have taught their children to sing in the khoomei way. Huun Huur Tu, a group that formed when the Soviet Iron Curtain fell, are the undisputed worldwide masters of khoomei music. Bearing the beauty of their voices and an assortment of instruments whose names we don’t know (including a pair of shakers made from bull testicles and a percussion piece made of horse hooves), they act as ambassadors to a timeless way of life, evoking the wild and natural world of Tuva with their music. We met them at Royce Hall in Los Angeles.