In Praise of Chinggis Khaan by Batzorig Vaanchig

In Praise of Chinggis Khaan by Batzorig Vaanchig

7,077 views•Premiered 84 minutes ago 1.9K13ShareSaveBatzorig Vaanchig 114K subscribers In Praise of Chinggis Khaan Lyrics: Blessed by the eternal sky Born of the steppe Everywhere in blue-skied Mongolia His name resounds in the world The courageous Mongol Genghis The sublime lord Genghis. Even in burning wounds, A mind strong as steel, Like temporal swords, As powerful as a planetary bird, The courageous Mongol Genghis, The sublime lord Genghis. In Praise of Chinggis Khaan phonetically: Khökh tengerees zayasan Khödöö arald mendelsen Khökh mongoloo negtee Khövchin delkhiid duurisgaad Erelkheg mongol Chinggis Ezenbogd Chinggis ee Gal mesnii dundaas Gan bold shig khattai Gazar dyelkhii deeree Garid shuvuu shig khüchtyei Erelkheg mongol Chinges Ezenbogd Chingis ee **** If you like this video, please click the like button, comment, and subscribe to my channel. You can follow me on social media: Instagram: @batzorigv Facebook: @ThroatSingerBatzorigV Twitter: @Batzorig Vaanchig Donate to:

Author: tranquanghai1944

Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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