How to sing REALLY low. A short Tutorial.

1 005 289 vues•6 déc. 201942 k250PartagerEnregistrerGeoff Castellucci 67,5 k abonnés Thanks for watching. Connect with Geoff Relevant links: Tim Foust: David Larson (his sub-harmonic tutorial is amazing and how I learned) :

Alash Demonstrates Throat Singing Styles


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Alash Demonstrates Throat Singing Styles

125 871 vues•1 sept. 20174,3 k27PartagerEnregistrerSmithsonian Folkways 36,1 k abonnés Alash’s Achai is available from the Smithsonian Folkways website: Tuvan ensemble Alash demonstrates various traditional throat singing styles that they use in their music. About Achai: Achai, the Tuvan word for father, describes a deep paternal participation in the upbringing and growth of a new generation. It is also a fitting title for Alash’s new album to honor Kongar-ool Ondar, who served not only as a musical father for the ensemble, but also for an entire generation of Tuvan musicians. As Ondar shared memory and tradition, so too does Alash with spirited performances and forward-thinking collaborations. In the group’s first studio album for Smithsonian Folkways, Achai beautifully illustrates the adaptability of Tuvan music—organically created and deeply rooted, yet still interconnected with the sound world of the 21st century. Featuring master beatboxer Shodekeh, alongside time-honored Tuvan throat-singing styles, the album demonstrates how members of Alash have dedicated their lives to performing, preserving, developing, and growing the Tuvan tradition. They are worthy bearers of the culture of their fathers and sons. 57 minutes, 24-page booklet

Basics of Kargyyra throat singing with Ren!

Basics of Kargyyra throat singing with Ren!

Basics of Kargyyra throat singing with Ren!

12 537 vues•30 sept. 201962212PartagerEnregistrerRen Vas Terul 715 abonnés Hello! I really hope that this video will help you out, when trying to learn this awesome singing technique 🙂 Let me know in the comments if you want me to make a video, where I talk more about different styles of kargyyra, used by bands like Heilung, Wardruna, Skald, Danheim etc. Cheers!