How To Throat Sing, Sygyt Style with Alex Glenfield

How To Throat Sing, Sygyt Style with Alex Glenfield

23,319 views•May 17, 20201.2K6ShareSaveAlex Glenfield 13.3K subscribers Here is part three in a video series exploring How To Overtone Sing and Throat Sing. This video focuses on the “sygyt”, two cavity style, whereby the tongue hovers against, and moves forward and back upon, the upper palette. Though I no longer offer lesson via SKYPE, I do consider remote recording projects for movies, television, and of course, the music industry! What a shame when something becomes an “industry”. alexglenfield(at) Part I…​ Part II…​ Part IV:…

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The Pearls of Bahrain


Ravi Padmanabha, Alex Glenfield



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Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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