IntAcademy Khöömei is attending a conference with Sibel Celik and 26 others, 13 AUGUST 2021

IntAcademy Khöömei is attending a conference with Sibel Celik and 26 others.

Augtcuist rn1tS7S Spahto 4nsee:2Sto4msr nrorPeMcdlrm  · The draft of the Resolution of the online meeting «The Khöömei Academy gathers friends».1. To note:– the breadth of the geography of the online meeting participants organized by the Khöömei Academy (50 people from America, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Norway, France, Finland, Japan and Russian regions).– a compelling content of the presentation hold by the Khöömei Academy/competence of the moderator (Sean Quirk).2. For the management of the Academy (B.-D. Ondar):– to provide with a wide access to the khöömei recording made by A. Anokhin in 1909 subject to the conditions of the Agreement until October 1, 2021;– to consider the proposals received from the participants of the meeting,– to work with each participant individually (Bernard Kleikamp, Morten Abildness, Mark van Tongeren, Patrick Housby) on the replenishment of the repository and discography of the Academy.– to post on the Academy website the conditions for organizing classes and their payment before September 1, 2021.– to put on the Academy website the list of references of the Repository, terms of use and payment with an indication of the annual subscription;– to organize the sale of Tuvan national musical instruments through online store and submit a list of these instruments;– to study the issue of organizing a basic course on teaching the Tuvan language.– to make a proposal and work out in details a question of organizing a conference on female khöömei.3. The participants of the online meeting (who wanted to speak, but did not have time to do this) should submit their proposals for cooperation with the Khöömei Academy up to 1 September 2021 to the Academy email address academykhoomei@gmail.com4. The Khöömei Academy (B.-D. Ondar) should hold the events of this format within the period of at least once per half a year.5. Approve the present draft of the Resolution put it on the Academy website.13.08.2021Director of the Khoomei Academy B.-D. Ondaryoutube.comKHOOMEI DAY IN TYVA. ONLINE MEETING13 августа 2021 г. в 17:00 (по московскому времени) Международная Академия «Хоомей» приглашает друзей-единомышленников, исследователей хоомея разных отраслей…


Arjopa KhoomeijiHappy Khoomei Day from Berlins Movie Town Babelsberg 🤩🎤🎸🎻🪕🤩

Arjopa: Wenn der Schamane singt! - live at Zitadelle Spandau, Klangholz, Sept. ´17

YOUTUBE.COMArjopa: Wenn der Schamane singt! – live at Zitadelle Spandau, Klangholz, Sept. ´17Arjopa: Wenn der Schamane singt! – live at Zitadelle Spandau, Klangholz, Sept. ´17

Damon PostleThanks Bady for your leadership at the IntAcademy Khöömei! The entire faculty and staff are doing great work and I look forward to working with you all in the near future!

Tran Quang HaiThanks Bady for organizing this meeting . Hoping that many scholars from the world over will join this event and contribute their knowledge of overtones I shall be glad to be with youProf. Tran Quang Haï

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Tran Quang Hai

TRAN QUANG HAI's world throat singing


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Ethnomusicologist, composer and vietnamese traditional musician

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