Overtone Singing Throat Singing Nature Music

Overtone Singing Throat Singing Nature Music

Ajoutée le 16 oct. 2017

Here is some of my solo singing recorded in an empty, abandoned water cistern. Use it for meditation, concentration, healing, animistic communications, or for absolutely nothing at all! All purposes can be found in the symbol of wordless sound.

River Music Overtone Singing Alex Glenfield

River Music Overtone Singing Alex Glenfield

Ajoutée le 2 nov. 2017

Many years ago now I recorded these minimalist ambient pieces for choir. I couldn’t find a choir strong enough to sing the music so I multi-track recorded, or layered, my own voice singing all the parts. The result is the music of water. I hope you trance out to it and lose the nagging inner words of the mind for a spell! To be clear, that’s a good wish to you, not a curse at all.

Full Album The Me Machine by Alexander Glenfield

Full Album The Me Machine by Alexander Glenfield

Ajoutée le 22 août 2018

THE ME MACHINE Alexander Glenfield 1) Late Bloomer 2) Changing Same 3) In Between 4) Already Mine 5) Moon Man 6) The Me Machine 7) Beautiful Game 8) Wild Enough Animal 9) Always the End of the World 10) Don’t Try Now 11) Story of Us Photography by Brenda Spielmann


Alex Glenfield, Overtone Singing, Throat Singing, “Changing Same”

Alex Glenfield, Overtone Singing, Throat Singing, “Changing Same”

Ajoutée le 10 août 2014

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the… https://play.spotify.com/artist/4WUdp… Here is another piece of something I made. I have these pieces all over the place, and sometimes they go together nicely. Yes, I still do Skype lessons and give you all you need to know and do. Watch (or skip) to the end of the video for my email address. CHANGING SAME (lyrics) So you’re afraid of the signs of change Never clear enough to tell The shadow of the spider Is so much bigger than the spider herself To blame again and again For this sloppy reincarnation But maybe karma’s just a system device To keep you from complaining Changing same Changing same Spin around the wheel of fortune The fate of each to fall Into changes strangely given Have to walk before you crawl Stay the same the sleeper slumbers On and on til death Let the changing ever present Find me on your breath

Three Rare Styles of Overtone Singing (Throat Singing)

Three Rare Styles of Overtone Singing (Throat Singing)

Published on Jul 19, 2010

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the… https://play.spotify.com/artist/4WUdp… Now offering SKYPE lessons to the world! Email or message to inquire. In one session, learn all you need to know to start your own overtone-singing practice! The demonstration of ezengileer on “Seven Styles of Overtone Singing” is a less pure example of the traditional style than the one heard here. But as we all know, tradition is notoriously impure. Tradition is as about as pure as the air we breathe.

Seven Styles of Overtone Singing (Tuvan Throat Singing)

Seven Styles of Overtone Singing (Tuvan Throat Singing)

Published on Mar 22, 2010

https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/the… https://play.spotify.com/artist/4WUdp… Alexander Glenfield demonstrates seven styles of overtone singing. Now offering SKYPE lessons to the world! Email or message to inquire. In one session, learn all you need to know to start your own overtone-singing practice! For answers to questions and TIPS ON HOW TO SING OVERTONES please visit OVERTONE SINGING: THE MUSIC OF SOUND http://www.alexanderglenfield.blogspot.com Please note that the melodies, rhythms, and meters used in these examples deviate from the traditional styles of khoomei in Tuva. I’ve made them all up and taught myself. I give a 90 minute SKYPE session that gives you all you need to know to produce any kind of overtone singing or throat singing. Moreover, by seeing and hearing you on SKYPE I can help determine the best practice for your voice and whole physiology so that you can learn safely and continue to practice independently. In other words, I design a method specifically for you. This overtone-singing method is the result of my doctoral research on the topic coupled with eight months of field research in Tuva, Mongolia, and other lesser known parts of Central Asia. I ask for 75 US dollars paid through PAYPAL or Money Order. This amount covers the 90 minute session FOR THE FIRST SESSION ONLY, and all subsequent sessions are 60 US dollars per hour. CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOWS INCREASE THE LESSON COST TO $80 US DOLLARS. In each lesson, I focus on the needs and goals of the student, and many sessions involve much more than just overtone singing in various styles. Lessons with some students evolve to include topics such as meditation, self-hypnosis, yogic breathing, trance and altered state induction, intuitive counselling, as well as all manner of sonic healing, learning, and enhancement. Should you wish to proceed with a session, send word to my personal email address and then make a contact request through SKYPE to “Alexander Glenfield” or “mindcaptain.” However, as SKYPE is an unreliable interface for message exchange, please continue to direct all further communications to my personal email address: alexglenfield@hotmail.com Most of the year, I am on GMT – 4:00, or Eastern Standard Time, and mainly have lesson times available weekends at varying times and weekdays after 4 p.m. MY TIME. After scheduling a lesson time, please be sure that you have adequate equipment and know how to use it. Test your computer, camera, audio, and internet connection by making a video call with a friend. Please be sure to download A RECENT version of SKYPE (it’s free) to allow for the SCREEN SHARING feature, as the interactivity of the lesson depends on your seeing my screen. You are welcome to record the lesson in any way you wish so long as it is for your purposes only, and I do not even need to ask for “no uploads” of those recordings, as each session is a unique interaction between you and I and would be, in most lessons, of no use to another individual. Few students ever revisit their recordings of lessons, as the most important aspects of the lesson are implanted into physiological memory; in other words, learned by heart. To the heart, and from the heart, I teach. With open ears, Alex