** HOW TO ** Polyphonic Overtone Singing for Beginners

** HOW TO ** Polyphonic Overtone Singing for Beginners

117,488 views•Nov 22, 2016 2.2K 93 Share SaveEmm Bronte 1.07K subscribers Hello polyphonic overtone singers 🙂  Today I wanted to share some beginner tips & basic sound creations for Polyphonic Singing. As a beginner myself I welcome any tips/advice from those just starting out on their journey with polyphonic singing or those experienced! I originally started this form of singing as a form of meditation. It is an awesome mindfulness practice & incredible gateway for cultivating a deeper connection with nature and animals! It is also fun to share with others who have never heard of this style of singing before! Instagram @emmbronte @rustic.raw

Guinness World Record for Longest Vocal Note (2005-2009)

Guinness World Record for Longest Vocal Note (2005-2009)

Ajoutée le 15 août 2007

Dean Frenkel gains the Guinness World Record for the longest continuous vocal note(57 secs)on ABC TV’s Enough Rope in 2005. This record lasted until 2009, the previous WR was 29.03 secs. While one part of Dean’s voice remained unchanged to break the world record, the other part made over 100 harmonic tonal changes in the same singing breath. Introduced by Andrew Denton. Website: http://www.myspace.com/deanfrenkel.

Throat Singer Dean Frenkel demonstrates world record attempt in Melbourne October 2012

Throat Singer Dean Frenkel demonstrates world record attempt in Melbourne October 2012

Ajoutée le 5 nov. 2012

Dean Frenkel is a throat singer from Eltham who is attempting to set a record in the number of tone changes he can sing in 30 seconds. Performed on Tuesday October 30 in Melbourne’s RMIT acoustics lab.

Sarah Hopkins ‘Remember the Joy’ for Cello, Overtone-Singing, Harmonic Whirlies and Choir Chimes

Sarah Hopkins ‘Remember the Joy’ for Cello, Overtone-Singing, Harmonic Whirlies and Choir Chimes

Ajoutée le 29 oct. 2015

More Information: http://SarahHopkins.com

Sarah Hopkins : Represented Artist

Sarah Hopkins : Represented Artist

Random Audio Sample: Past life melodies : SATB choir by Sarah Hopkins, from the CD This our land

Photo of Sarah Hopkins

Photo: Wayne Petty

Sarah Hopkins is a unique Australian composer-performer, highly acclaimed for her visionary music and inspiring performances for cello, harmonic overtone singing, handbells, choir and the celestial Harmonic Whirlies of her own creation.

With a strong background and training in classical music, over the years she has moved into the realm of holistic music and developed a very distinctive compositional voice. Her solo, ensemble, choral and orchestral compositions demonstrate an expansive and pure musical style which resonates with the space and energy of the Australian landscape as well as the inner landscape of the human psyche.

Hopkins’ most well known works are Past Life Melodies for a cappella choir, Honour the Earth as your Mother for choir, orchestra & didgeridoo, & Reclaiming the Spirit for ensemble with harmonic whirly. Past Life Melodies is currently the most performed Australian choral piece in the USA & has become a standard repertoire piece for many choirs around the world. Past Life Melodies & Honour the Earth as your Mother were performed at the Woodford Folk Festivals (Qld) in 2004 & 2006 to audiences of over 30,000 people.

In 2003 & 2005 Hopkins was commissioned by the Queensland Music Festival to compose two 30 minute works for choir & orchestra: Childers Shining (2003) & Childers Shining: One World (2005). Both productions received standing ovations from the entire audience. Hopkins has since been honoured by having a new rural housing estate near Childers named after her composition Childers Shining.

Hopkins lives in Brisbane and tours both nationally and internationally, performing her own music, running workshops in Harmonic Overtone Singing and Music for the Heart & Soul, and working as an artist-in-residence. Since 1981 she has represented Australia at prestigious events in America, Europe and South East Asia and has toured extensively as a cultural ambassador for the Australian Government. Highlights include: World Expo 2000, Germany; Opening Ceremony of the 4th World Athletic Championships, Germany; Millennium Concert, New Zealand; & Singapore Arts Festival (2006).

Hopkins’ Sky Song music, co-composed with Alan Lamb, was featured on Australia’s Olympic 2000 bid CD.

Sarah’s Harmonic Whirlies – beautiful musical instruments and powerful vibrational healing tools – are available worldwide along with her CD recordings Honour the Earth, Reclaiming the Spirit, Shining, Sky Song (with Alan Lamb): Australia: Sound of the Earth (with Steve Roach and David Hudson); and Sounds of Global Harmony (a unique collaboration with the Gyuto Monks of Tibet, Anne Norman and Chris Neville).

Hopkins’ music is published by Morton Music & Music for the Soul.

Biography provided by the composer — current to November 2007

Studied with

Richard David Hames


Selected Commissions

Work Commission Details
Digital sheet music sample Ancient forests once stood here : for orchestra, harmonic whirlies and optional didjeridu, plus optional SATB or male voice choir (2009) Originally commissioned by the Birralee Blokes for Pemulwuy! National Male Voice Festival, Brisbane 2008.
Many lives, many songs : for treble voice choir and harmonic whirlies (2007) Commissioned by Vox Femina Los Angeles
Infinite calm : for SATB divisi choir a cappella or accompanied (2005) Composed as part of the Childers Shining: One World commission from the Queensland Music Festival
Infinite calm (satb choir with chamber orchestra) (2005) Composed as part of the Childers Shining: One World commission from the Queensland Music Festival
Digital sheet music sample Five pieces for wind quintet, from Childers shining : wind quintet (2003) ‘Childers shining’ was commissioned by the Queensland Biennial Festival of Music
Aura swirl : percussion ensemble (1986) Composed for the Nightcliff High School Handbell Choir (an Artists-in-Schools project)