Analysis of Acoustic and Electrophysiological Evidences

On the Physiology of Voice Production in South-Siberian … › booksTraduire cette pageOvertone singing – perception, physical modeling of sygyt, kargyraa and … Journal of Speech and Hearing Research, l(3):227-244. van den Berg, J. (1960).Sven Grawunder

Vladiwar Nadishana – Aerophone, Chordophone, Percussion Wolfgang Saus – Obertongesang

Vladiwar Nadishana – Aerophone, Chordophone, Percussion Wolfgang Saus – Obertongesang

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Undercurrents- Kiva and Wolfgang Saus

Undercurrents- Kiva and Wolfgang Saus

920 views•Sep 9, 2009 30ShareSaveOMN 871 subscribers Undercurrent – Song by Kiva Šímová (E-Piano) and Wolfgang Saus (Overtone Singing) – Live at the Overtone Festival Prague 2009 Soundtrack recorded by Wolfgang Saus – Video recorded and created by Jens Mügge

SVEN GRAWUNDER: Comparison of voice production types of ‘western’ overtonesinging and South Siberian throat singing

  Comparison of voice production types of ‘western’ overtonesinging and South Siberian throat singing

Sven Grawunder University of Halle, Germany



The investigator uses a non-invasive methodology basedon a synchronous recording of voice, laryngographicsignal and subglottal resonance on 2 ‘European’overtone singers and 2 ‘Siberian’ semi-professionalthroat singers. For the upper registers of throat singing an extremely short contacting phase was obtained and SQseems to be appropriate to distinguish between both phonation types. Lower registers share doublet and triplet waveform patterns, but differ significantly in jitter and shimmer rates (j < 0.1; sh < 0.15 for ThS). Other findings are a narrowed bandwidth of a dominant F2 and an ostinato formant between F3 and F4, which are remarkable for all throat singing styles

Obertongesang, Untertongesang, Schamanische Gesänge -Studioimpressionen

Obertongesang, Untertongesang, Schamanische Gesänge -Studioimpressionen

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“FOURSTYLES” | Anna-Maria Hefele | Pixners BACKstage 2015

“FOURSTYLES” | Anna-Maria Hefele | Pixners BACKstage 2015

29,088 views•Oct 14, 2015 3298ShareSavePixners BACKstage 2.35K subscribers Pixners BACKstage 2015 FOURSTYLES | Anna-Maria Hefele Januar 2015 | Ausstrahlung Juni 2015 Pixners BACKstage bei Facebook:… Servus TV: Produziert von: pixner productions | ammira | 2015 im Auftrag von Servus TV

Overtones, Pt. 1 (On Lower Key-Note) by Michael Vetter

Overtones, Pt. 1 (On Lower Key-Note) by Michael Vetter

390 views•Aug 29, 2019 90ShareSaveMichael Vetter – Topic 44 subscribers Provided to YouTube by The Orchard Enterprises Overtones, Pt. 1 (On Lower Key-Note) · Michael Vetter Overtones. Voice & Tambura ℗ 1984 Wergo Released on: 1985-01-01 Auto-generated by YouTube.

Amazing female throat singing

Amazing female throat singing

784,510 views•Mar 4, 2019 14K 358 Share SaveKUULAR 68.7K subscribers Now we have 2 ways of learning: Master class –… Master class + 3 Skype lessons –… Any way I’ll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best) People often ask me if women can sing throat singing. I made a special collection of videos with examples of female throat singing. Hope you like it. 1) Shonchalai Oorjak-Choodu 2) Saylyk Ommun 3) ??? (Can’t find the name) 4) Veronica Usholik 5) Anna-Maria Hefele 6) Chodura Tumat (Tuva Kyzy) Here you can support my channel (Поддержи канал) –

visualized frequencies of overtone singing in concert

visualized frequencies of overtone singing in concert

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The Children of the Sound – 6 Principles of Overtone Singing

The Children of the Sound – 6 Principles of Overtone Singing

573 views•Sep 26, 2019 34 0 Share SaveMiroslavGrosser 6.87K subscribers bookings for concerts and workshops via individual sessions on skype with miroslavgrosser (Berlin) more about Miroslav Grosser here:… The Six Principles of Overtone Singing are: 1. active listening and feeling of every detail of the sound and all the vibrations in your own body and energy system as carefully as possible with all senses 2. staying relaxed in body and mind 3. slow singing / slowmotion 4. sliding / scanning 5. tuning into the resonance 6. building a deeper relationship with the sound and every single overtone for German speaking friends here my 3 hours overtone video course online:… Obertongesang und Stimmbildung: (Einzelunterricht in Berlin und weltweit per Skype) Nächste Workshops für Obertongesang: CD´s und mp3 mit Obertongesang (inklusive Lern-CD):… Facebook: Soundcloud: Instagram:… Good luck with your overtones and all the best for your voice!