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overtone singing – throat singing
  nMark van Tongeren – Nederland
Borg Diem Groeneveld – Nederland
Rollin Rachele – USA
Sound Transformations – UK: Candida Valentino and Michael Ormiston
Marcus Riccabona – Austria: Obertonklangraum
Thomas Heinrich Schmöckel – Deutschland: Obertonsingen, die Kraft der Obertöne
David Hykes and the Harmonic Choir – Paris/New York: The universe of Harmonic Chant
Jill Purce – U.K.: the healing voice
Thomas Clements – France: Voix et musiques du monde
Sed Free: Khoomei lessons online !!! – USA: International Association for Harmonic Singing. All you want to know about Khoomei is probably here
Scientific American’s article: This article is a good explaination of khoomei. It contains various sounds, showing various khoomei techniques
Tuvan Throat Singing – yahoo group: In this group, all the khoomei fanatics discuss and share. A great resource, with lots of links
Huun Huur Tu: The Huun Huur Tu official website here you find all the voices catagorized, Kagyraa, Khoomei, Khorekteer, Sygyt, Chylandyk
Friends of Tuva: portal site for the music of Tuva
Tarbagan: About musicians who spend most of their time singing, and looking for new and strange sounds or tunes that have evolved from other animals. – Deutschland: Die Oberton Seiten
Spectral Voices: Jim Cole & Spectral Voices’ ethereal spacemusic features harmonic overtone singing, aka throat singing, overtone chant, harmonic chanting, etc.
Charlie McMahon
Didgeridoo magazin
Blue Lighthouse – Loppem
sound healing – music therapy
Anam Cara – Lier
Aream – Bruxelles
Arpsicor – Bruxelles
Blue Lighthouse – Loppem
Coregane – Plainevaux
DragonTurtle – Vilvoorde
Energy Therapy – Antwerpen
Kristalklank – Kumtich
Terry Oldfield – Australia
Resonance Yoga & Healing Sound – Australia
Bernard Tabanous
The Moment – Denmark
Greet Tomsin – Maaseik
Une note pour chacun – Bruxelles
Veronique Van Moortel – Brugge
Chris James – Australia
Scott Eggert – USA
courses – workshops
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