MARK 0.jpg音初階工作坊/Beginners workshop Overtone Singing

SATURDAY 23 MARCH 2019 from 10:00am to SUNDAY 24 MARCH 2019 till 17:00 pm


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There is still place for curious people at my Beginners workshop Overtone Singing next week in Taipei (Saturday/Sunday). Learn and practise the basics of this amazing technique. Attune your ears to the hidden dimensions of the human voice.

Discover a type of harmony that is unlike any other musical harmony, one that is woven into the fabric of our bodies and minds. In fact, as I see it, sound is at the center of this body-mind divide. These dormant harmonies can be activated once we break through habitual patterns of listening and voicing, and begin to catalyze a process of re-tuning our body (for example, our voice) and our minds (for example, our listening).

The sort of work we do is both creative and meditative.
It encompasses actively exploring and searching, as well as quietly observing so that these sounds, living in us and through us, may start to catch our attention.
It requires some radical, experimental body-mind-work to awaken the slumbering senses, as well as slow, deep sound meditations.

Altogether, these two days offer you a powerful and diverse set of ideas and practices that you can also explore on your own once you get home. Many people claim to start listening differently after taking part in overtone singing workshops.

The location is fantastic, close to the city but actually already in the Yangmingshan Park area. And if you need or like, you can stay overnight (bring your own sleeping mat/bag).〔課程內容〕�3月23到24日,星期六跟星期日,我會帶領一個兩天的泛音歌唱工作坊,給想學習泛音歌唱技巧的人。這個工作坊對所有人開放,不限音樂知識或歌唱經驗。��這個工作坊給音樂家及非音樂家的介紹課程。其內容包含了暖身運動以發展身體、心靈以及聲音的覺知,還有自然人聲共鳴的探索的基本技巧。接下來,我們會開始學習音泛音歌唱的技巧。��我們也會聆聽以及嘗試不同的泛音歌唱技巧。結合所有人的聲音來嘗試簡單直覺性的聲音架構,以及編曲概念。



【日期】: 3/23 (六)、3/24 (日)

【時間】: 10:00-17:00 (中間午休一小時)

【學費】: 新台幣4500元

【折扣1】: 兩人同行8000元 (原價為9000元)

【折扣2】: 學生或不富裕的藝術家 原價75折 (3375元)��【地點】: 陽明山


〔心得分享〕�馬克老師的泛唱,一點也不美聲,即使他可以輕易地呈現雲端般的夢幻…�他的聲音超越了美,對我而言,那是真實,包容了好聽 及無法定義的奇幻!�就像生命,不是只有追求完美與巔峰。�生命從磨練裡,醞釀甜美….。

有一場演出,馬克老師說: 他一開始發出的聲音{很醜}! 哈~{醜}的聲音?!


大家千萬別誤會,馬克老師曾經在荷蘭女皇面前獻唱,也曾和馬友友合作。�1995年獲頒吐瓦的 《國際喉音泛唱獎》; 2000年出版 Overtone Singing一書。�他是一位樸素的國際級老師,擁有完整專業的喉音泛唱素養。�重要的是: 當你明白馬克是如何對聲音臣服,如何忠於自己的心



中文: / lineID: soleilc77 陳亮伃

英文: Mark van Tongeren

【匯款帳號 】


銀行: 中國信託敦南分行(代號:822)

帳號: 163540306745



Weekly Voice yoga classes in Taipei:
WORKSHOP Overtone Singing – advanced. Friday 19 – Sunday 21 April, Puli.


On Saturday and Sunday March 23-24, I will teach a two-day overtone singing workshop, for those who want to get to know more about this singing technique. The workshop is open to all who are interested, with or without musical/singing experience.

This basic workshop is an introduction to that approach for musicians and non-musicans alike. It includes warm-up exercises to develop attention for body, mind and sound, exploring basic techniques for using the resonances of the natural voice. Then we will start our exploration of overtone techniques.

We will listen to and try more specific techniques for singing harmonics, and combine voices to work with simple, intuitive sound structures and intuitive compositional ideas.

Of course it is not possible to learn overtone singing in two days (despite some claims you find here and there). But you can get a sense of what goes on when singers produce clear overtones, sharpen your hearing in a live, acoustic situation, and get started on something you might want to explore further in the future. To hear this technique live from close by is a very important way to get familiar with this aspect of the human voice.

Every participant will get some personal feedback about his/her voice and how to get started with the technique.

The workshop is in English with Chinese translation.

Dates: Saturday March 23 + Sunday March 24
Time: 10:00-17:00 (lunch break 13:00-14:00)
Cost: 4500 NT$
Bring a friend: pay 8000 instead of 9000 NT$
Students, pensioners and poor struggling artists: – 25% (3375 NT$).
Place: Artists’ community at Yangminshan, a few kilometers behind National Palace Museum. About 15 minute walk up the mountain, with stairs.

For those who travel from far, it is possible to stay overnight. Write us for details.

If you don’t read Chinese and are interested to join, or if you have any questions drop me an email ( to get all the details.
Phone 09 103 827 49
Write to for info in Mandarin.


Payment upon registration by bank.
Bank code: 822.
Name of bank: China Trust
Beneficiary: Mark Christiaan van Tongeren
Account number: 163540306745
Make sure to provide the payment details in registration form. We will confirm reception in a few days time.



mark van tongeren

photo by Jochem Hartz

Mark van Tongeren is a sound explorer and performance artist with a PhD in artistic research from Leiden University. He did ground-breaking research and vocal experiments in the field of overtone singing, which he began studying around 1990. He feels equally at home ‘in the field’ to study and practice indigenous vocal techniques, as in experimental performance art, using voice, small instruments and/or electronics.

He received his M.A. in ethnomusicology from the University of Amsterdam and has taught world music at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague. His PhD from the Academy of Creative and Performing Arts at Leiden University explores the boundaries of science and art and is entitled Thresholds of the Audible: about the Polyphony of the Body. During his PhD studies he founded a vocal laboratory (Paraphony) to develop little known aspects of multi-voiced harmonic singing. He created a series of compositions for two or more voices, called 0… (‘Nulpunten’ or ‘Zero-points’), which make audible hundreds of possible connections or permutations within the natural harmonic series, so that it ‘encounters itself.’ The results were presented in 2010 and 2013 by Mark van Tongeren and Rollin Rachelle, aka the Superstringtrio, in the performances entitled 0… and Incognito Ergo Sum in Amsterdam and Poland. Composer Paul Oomen also conducted the three-hour Overtone Singing Marathon held at the occasion of van Tongeren’s PhD defense in 2013.


Incognito Ergo Sum with Rollin Rachele

He began his performance carreer with the artists – contructors of Silo Theatre of Amsterdam (De Parade, Oerol), where he did sound-design, and created live and recorded soundtracks (1992 until 1998). In 1999 he presented new vocal works in The Trumpets of Jericho, alongside the Trivento organ of the project’s initiator Horst Rickels, and singing ‘with’ and ‘through’ Tjeerd Oostendorp’s 7-meter long tuba. In 2001 he was artist-in residence at the School of Music of Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand for Jack Body’s Secret Sounds project, producing the CD-Rom Secret Sounds and several performances. with Phil Dadson (NZ), Leo Tadagawa (JP) and Bennicio Sokong (PH). At the Silk Road Festival in Washington, D.C. he performed as a throat singer with the festival’s initiator – cellist Yo-Yo Ma – over one of Johann Sebastian Bach’s cello suites (2002).


throat singing with cellist Yo-Yo Ma at the Smithsonian Folklife/Silk Road Festival

From 1995 onward van Tongeren has made solo appearances as a singer in the Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Finland, Germany, New Zealand, Belgium, China, the USA and most recently in Taiwan (Taipei, Chiayi). In 1995 he received a special prize at the International Throat Singing Festival in Tuva, Siberia (the same festival documented for the famous Gengghis Blues documentary).

He is featured on CD-ROM’s and DVDs, including Secret Sounds (an audio-visual guide to overtone singing and Jew’s harps with Jack Body; Ode Records); Raum Klang Stimme / Space Sound Voice (documentary about overtone singing by Minghao Xu; Traumzeit Verlag). His CDs include Paraphony-Extended Harmonic Techniques, a solo exploration of the resonances of the voice and space (Ode Records), Etos (with Oorbeek, Nice Noise Foundation) and Sphere by his ensemble Parafonia (Fusica). Horst Rickels’ piece Lift-Off, written for Parafonia, is also featured in Jiska Rickels’ award winning documentary Four Elements. Van Tongeren is featured prominently on Deer Woman, composed by Taiwanese film music composer Cincin Lee with Van Tongeren as a soloist. This CD was nominated for Taiwan’s Golden Melody Awards 2008.

An unusual collaboration was his involvement in the realisation of the world première of a work by the renowned Russian composer Dimitri Shoshtakovich (1906-1975), 28 years after his death. He assisted conductor Mark Fitz-Gerald at restoring the lost score of the film Odna (“Alone”), by directors Kozintsev and Trauberg (1931). Van Tongeren transcribed an original piece of Altay throat singing that was used for the film and took part in several screenings of Odna with live music, including the 2003 world première in The Netherlands. In 2008 Naxos published Fitz-Gerald’s CD recording in Germany with van Tongeren’s singing.

In 2002 Fusica published the book Overtone Singing – Physics and Metaphysics of Harmonics in East and West (Fusica/Eburon), the fruit of over 10 years of scholarly and artistic research on this vocal technique. It is the first book-CD to document comprehensively the traditional and modern forms of this unusual vocal art. It exemplifies Van Tongeren’s interest to fuse intuitive and creative processes of singing and art with theoretical issues and critical reflection.

mark van tongeren cover book.jpg


Van Tongeren began extending his array of small, toy and ethnic instruments, as well as a Korg Kaoss Pad, while playing with Oorbeek, an Amsterdam-based collective of artists exploring the boundaries of sound and visual art. Oorbeek is one of his most enduring collaborations. Though very un-typical for Oorbeek, their televised adaptation of John Cage’s 4’33” was selected in 2017 as one of the pearls of 70 years Holland Festival.

He played with Collision Palace, an Amsterdam-based improv collective led by Nathan Fuhr (NYC), in John Zorn’s game piece Cobra. In New Zealand he collaborated with former Scratch Orchestra member Phil Dadson and Japanese singer/performer/bandleader Makigami Koichi in Off the Wall: Vocal Acrobats.
mark biography 1.jpg

He provided electronic/vocal soundtracks for several animation video’s by Oorbeek’s Serge Onnen, displayed in New York and in MOCA Taipei, and took part in several of Onnen’s live shadowperformances with Oorbeek or as a duo on in Beijing.

In Taipei Onnen and van Tongeren presented new works for video/shadow/sound at the Taipei Artist Village (together with composer/guzheng player Tung Chao-Ming) and Lacking Sound Festival. Also in 2014, he began collaborating with the dancers of Biao/Horse, in a project produced for the Chang Kai Shek National Theatre in Taipei collaborating with pianist Lee Shih-Yang and cellist Chen Yu-Rong. More dance collaborations followed, with Biao’s Yeh Ming-Hwa (2015, 2016, 2017) and with Taipei Dance Circle.
mark biography 3.jpg

As a teacher, Van Tongeren gave a one-minute crash course of overtone singing for His Royal Highness the Aga Khan and secretary of state Colin Powell at the opening ceremony of the Silk Road / Smithsonian Folklife Festival in Washington, D.C. (2002). (usually learning to sing overtones takes longer, though). He has taught overtone singing workshops and courses for exploring/integrating the dynamics of voice, mind and body at various universities (Victoria School of Music, Wellington NZ; TNUA, Taipei TW) and privately. He teaches semester-long courses at National Cheng-Chi University’s creative department (X-Academy) in Taipei. Since 2012 he offers weekly Voice Yoga classes at Canjune and since 2014 a year-long Resonance course in Taipei.

An enduring passion and artistic influence are local musical traditions from around the world. Since the 1990s Van Tongeren has studied music, singing and ritual in Siberia and Russia (Tuva, Altay, Khakassiya, Kalmukiya), Mongolia, India (Tibetan monks in Dharamsala), Sardinia and Corsica (polyphonic singing) and Taiwan. His move to Taiwan prompted a further study of its indigenous music and dance, particularly through the traditions of the Bunun and Saisiyat tribes. In Israel, Dutch composer Merlijn Twaalfhoven organised yearly events to empower Palestinian artist in East-Jeruzalem. In 2010, Twaalfhoven invited composer Paul Oomen, who guided a unique meeting between Firaz Gazzaz, a well-known Palestinian muezzin (reciter of the koran), and van Tongeren.

Since 2010 Van Tongeren lives in Taiwan with his wife June and his children Attar and Illy.

download biographie artistique-MvT.pdf
One thought on “Biography”

maisa van der Kolk
09/08/2015 at 19:56

BEste Mark, Geen idee waar ik u kan bereiken, maar uw naam kreeg ik van Jan Van Dijk van de Univeriteit Amsterdam.Ik ben bevriend met zijn vrouw Leontien. Wij zijn druk bezig een cultureel centrum op te starten in Edam. Zelf organiseer ik inmiddels 5 jaar maandelijkse wereldmuziekconcerten en ben altijd op zoek naar bijzondere uitingen in de volksmuziek.Volgend jaar hopen we in ons centrum ook films te draaien met een mogelijkheid daar na afloop over te praten. Ik dacht aan Meeting with Remarkable Men van Gurdjieff en dan zou het geweldig zijn om ook live boventoonzang te beluisteren.Wie weet is er eenmogelijkheid om uw zang te beluisteren als u eens in Nederland bent. U kunt me antwoorden via de , Met groet, Maisavan der Kolk.

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[ Colophon ]
4 concerts this week (NL/PL)
15/11/2013Artistic Research, People, ProjectsAMSTERDAM, Audio Art, Audio Art Festival, Bram Stadhouders, concerts, Daphne van Tongeren, Echokamer, Het Poortgebouw, improvisation, Krakow, Marek Cholonewksi, Mark Alban Lotz, Mark van Tongeren, Mediamatic, music, Oorbeek, oorsprong curator series, Overtone Singing, Rollin Rachele, sound-art, Superstringtrio, Voice

dear listeners,

I’d like to announce a couple of concerts in The Netherlands and in Poland in the coming week:


Monday 18 november, AMSTERDAM, Het Poortgebouw, 1st Floor, Tolhuisweg 2: Oorsprong Curator Series, start at 20 o’ clock. Free-improvisation with flutist Mark Alban Lotz and guitarist Bram Stadhouders and vocalist Mark van Tongeren, and several other exciting music/dance impro-combinations in two other sets that same night.

Thursday 21 November, AMSTERDAM, Mediamatic/Fabriek – Echokamer, 20:30, Superstringtrio (Rollin Rachele, Mark van Tongeren) and Daphne van Tongeren (light/performance).
Echokamer is a series of events during which composers, musicians and other sound-makers experiment with sound at, and with the sound of, Mediamatic Fabriek. The giant industrial hall reverberates and erodes, and produces quite a bit of sound all by itself. The perfect place for noisy experiments. Read more details about Superstringtrio’s sonic excursion next Thursday on this link:

Sunday 24 November, KRAKOW (Poland), Audio Art Festival/Bunkier Sztuki, 19 o’clock, Superstringtrio. We have been invited by Marek Choloniewski, founder of Audio Art Festival, one of the most long-standing festivals dedicated to Sound Art in all its beautiful, radical and weird manifestations, to join the ranks of many artists who have performed there in past decades. Superstringtrio will present an updated version of its performance Incognito Ergo Sum, premiered in Amsterdam earlier this year at the occasion of the PhD-defense of Mark van Tongeren’s Thresholds of the Audible- thesis at Leiden University. See a short clips of it on Vimeo: For the full program of the festival, which has already started yesterday and continues next week, check this link:
(with our thanks to Horst Rickels, who gives a workshop and concert in Krakow tomorrow with his Lesley-speakersystem, together with Robert Pravda).

In a couple of hours I am leaving Taiwan. If all goes well I might join Oorbeek tomorrow, Saturday 16 November at the opening of The New Institute in ROTTERDAM. Set 1 at 17 o’ clock, set 2 at 17:45. 6th floor, Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam,

Hope to see you somewhere!

Best wishes,

mark van tongeren

How to survive hospitalisation?

Weekly Voice Yoga classes 2014
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Mark van Tongeren’s Page
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About me:
I was raised artistically with The Silo Theatre of Amsterdam in the 1990s, make improvised music with Oorbeek, compose and improvise with my own Parafonia crew, and have some solo musical and non-musical alter ego’s.

I do a PhD in the arts at Leiden University / docARTES in Ghent, entitled “Overtone Singing and the thresholds of audibility.” You’ll find more info on

Currently, I love philosophy/phenomenology.

And my my kids, who are half Taiwanese.

Jew’s Harp, KaossPad double-nose-flute and an array of Paraphonic instruments

The Radiators, The Animals and other environmental sounds


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Voice and Shruti performed live @ TCMA 2012 Pt. II by Mark van Tongeren
Voice and Shruti performed live @ TCMA 2012 Pt. II by Mark van Tongeren

Added by Mark van Tongeren
Mark van Tongeren @ TCMA 2012 Pt. I
Mark van Tongeren @ TCMA 2012 Pt. I

Added by Mark van Tongeren

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At 2:47pm on September 15, 2011, frderik aldrik hendrik de wolff said…
ha Mark,

Goeie vlucht gehad? Mijn opleiders die ook regelmatig contact hebben in Taiwan zijn benieuwd of je als zij weer een keer daar zijn dan wel in de Volksrepubliek contact mogen zoeken met jou.

Breng straks je boek en cd naar de bieb. Inderdaad bijzondere cd,gaat dwars door het hoofd heen soms.

Ik vond het een erg leuk bezoek aan jou en je zus.

met vriendelijke groet,

Frits de Wolff

At 3:49pm on January 29, 2010, Jens Mügge said…
Hello Mark,

your CD Parafonia is listed now and played since yesterday at – Wolfhard selected the piece »Dulcet Ingratitude Oblique«

Stay tuned,

At 9:24am on November 19, 2009, Harold Grandstaff Moses said…
Thanks for the welcome. I am a believer in the healing power of Harmony. For the past 15 years I have experimented with engineering harmonic overtones in order to alter consciousness and effect healing. I invite you to sample these “Harmonics for Health” – I experience this music as a ‘theo-active’ adventure.

Enjoy these Free Downloads:

Main Portal:

“You are a harmonically unique vibrational signature of the Divine – a chord in the cosmic Harmony.”

At 11:51pm on August 20, 2009, Rowenna said…
Dear Marc, with the dates I ment a facture or the banking adress how to transfer the payment for the CD. I am looking forward listening your musik and wish you a good time and lots of inspiration,
with kind regards

At 2:14pm on August 20, 2009, Rowenna said…
Nice to have you as a friend. Would be interested in your CD. Could you send it to me with the dates for the exchange of money. My adress you find in my homepage:

At 1:37am on May 20, 2009, Jens Mügge said…
Hi Mark, your book Overtone Singing Physics and Metaphysics of Harmonics in East and West is currently unavailable on – Can I order it via The Tuva Trader only?
With kind regards,
Jens Mügge

At 9:42am on April 16, 2009, Tran Quang Hai said…
Dear Mark,
Congratulations for your CD . Hope to meet you next summer. I’ll go to South Africa to participate in the ICTM world conference (I am an executive board member, an obligation !) from 28 june till 11 july 2009
Love to you and your family
Tran Quang Hai

At 8:38am on April 16, 2009, Tran Quang Hai said…
Hi Mark,
How are you ? Where are you now ?
I am a retired man now . To morrow , I ‘ll give a workshop of overtone singing in Berlin until Sunday. Then Bach Yen and I shall go to Canada for 2 weeks to give concerts and lectures at Ottawa University from 27 april till 11 may.
How are all members of your family ?
Tran Quang Hai

At 6:33pm on February 27, 2009, Arjopa said…
Shagaa Bile Dear Mark!!

We wish you & your family a happy, healthy,fruit- & successful
New Year of the Earth Cow!!
May all your wishes & plans come true in thisyear of butter & cream!!

Shagaa Bile!!

Khoomei Throatsinging Country Punk Greetings from Berlin!!

Arjopa & The Master U-like

At 6:29pm on February 12, 2009, Arjopa said…
Dear Mark!!
Thanx a lot for your friendship,here!!
Haven´t seen us for a while – last time at our concert,
Obertonfest, Berlin 2002!!
We still like your work/music!!

Hope you like our Khoomei Throatsinging Country Punk,too!!

Greetings from Berlin!!

Arjopa & The Master U-like

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Mark van Tongeren : Sound artist

mark van tongeren
March 13th, 2013 (13h45)
Mark van Tongeren’s PhD Defense
Leiden University

Mark van Tongeren defended his thesis Grenzen van het hoorbare; over de meerstemmigheid van het lichaam.
Read more
March 10 & 12, 2013 (18h30)
Mark van Tongeren’s doctoral concert part 1
Incognito Ergo Sum

Mark van Tongeren presented the outcomes of his doctoral research during this concert.
Read more
March 11, 2013 (13h30-16h30)
Mark van Tongeren’s doctoral concert part 2
0…: een boventoonzangmarathon voor twee zangers

Mark van Tongeren demonstrated his findings of his doctoral research project during a 3-hour singing marathon.
Read more

RESONANCE / Mark Van Tongeren’s workshop in Ubud Bali (Indonesia) in 2019 (24th February – 2nd March)

mark van tongeren 's resonance in Bali feb-march 2019.jpg

There are several exciting events on my calendar for the coming months. A very special one for me is a 7-day retreat in Bali: the first RESONANCE course taught in English. My family and I spent time in Bali earlier this year and were deeply impressed by its nature, people, food and culture. It is such an ideal ‘getaway’ to immerse yourself in something new, that the wonderful ladies of Soundtherapy and I took the step of organising my retreat there. And now it is coming up! Bali has much to offer outside the workshop too, and for those who are short of time, we will spend one day exploring the waterfalls and rainforest – singing, of course.

RESONANCE is the name I use for more intensive courses and retreats, where we spend more time together to immerse ourselves in new worlds of sound. Learning to sing overtones is one of the primary goals of RESONANCE. I consider overtone singing as a wonderful tool for better listening and better singing, and of course it can also be an end in itself. To hear your own overtones and then to learn to conjure them up in your own voice at will is truly a new way of making sound.

All the details are here:…

Day 1 (24 Feb)
pm                  Check-in at Dragonfly Village
1900               Welcome Dinner
2000-2130     Briefing & Evening Session

Day 2 – 6 (Day 4 Excursion* until 1800)
0730-0815     Meditation / Voice Yoga (optional)
0900               Breakfast
1000-1300     Sound Journey 1
1300-1600     Lunch / Private Time
1600-1800     Sound Journey 2
1800-1930     Dinner / Private Time
1930-2100     Sound Journey 3

Day 7 (2 Mar)
0800-0900     Final Sound Journey
0900               Breakfast
1000-1100     Q&A
1100-1200     Check-Out


early bird discount until November 30


Time and again it is clear that students not only listen to the sound of their voice in a totally new way, but that other perceptions, sensations and feelings start to shift as well. Why? Well, one reason is that you break through habitual patterns of using sound. Sound or auditory sensations obviously make up a large part of your daily interactions. Breaking through your habitual listening patterns to a much more subtle level reinforces a sense of refinement, an ‘ear’ for detail that reaches beyond your ears lone.

When you are deeply aware of your breath and your body, and then cautiously but self-assuringly send out tones that bounce back to your ears like crystals, with so many shades, colours and even other tones, then that is a magnificent experience. In the beginning, you don’t know really how you are doing it, but with practise and guidance, you can come back to creating these crystal-like sounds again. At this point things start to shift: maybe the sound ‘takes over’ and guides you somewhere; maybe you lose your sense of self, of being ‘the doer’, and you become the non-doer, an observer; or even something else, more detached from your normal doings. In another variety of this experience, your voice merges with others in a group-chant and you have no idea really who is making which sounds: your voice joins in to produce a magnificent cloud of dancing, bouncing sound waves from low to high.

Read reading below or READ HERE with pix and more info:

For most people these sound-effects are more than just sound-effects. They start to perceive changes in space and time: two dimensions at the root of our being and of our orientation in the world. This is what I mean when I wrote that ‘other perceptions, sensations and feelings start to shift.’ When time and space begin to shift, questions rise up at the core of our existence. Space includes our body and our environment. The boundaries between these two (the inner and the outer world) may begin to crumble or become unclear. Where does that otherworldly sound really come from? Does it come ‘from me’, from ‘inside me’? It seems to have no fixed place anymore. How is that possible? You struggle to comprehend what you are doing, to relate that which you are doing with your mouth to that which is perceived by your ears.

Learning to sing overtones means you are breaking down the automatic loop where your ears confirm that they are hearing what you are saying or singing. You are no longer sure how the organs of the voice and the ears line up. In a way, we could say you are taking up a third position, being neither just the producer of the sound nor the perceiver. You are moving in-between, in a flexible sort of ‘space-time’ where the old rules of your voice and your ears no longer apply. In my book Overtone Singing I described it as a ‘theory of musical relativity.’ Just as Newton’s physics were absorbed into a bigger, more complete and more complex theory once Einstein formulated his new ideas, so our familiar musical structures (in particular those of pitch and harmony) are absorbed in a new, wider dimension of sounds.

The exciting part is, that this is not just theory: you are at the center of this as you explore the new possibilities of your voice. What you hear begins to change and often keeps on changing as you continue to practise. These new possibilities are a big challenge for non-singers and professional singers alike, for active musicians and for amateurs. There are plenty of counterintuitive practices to learn, there is a whole new set of ideas. That’s definitely exciting and also definitely intensive: time- and energy-absorbing. That is why RESONANCE looks further than just overtones.

If we were to focus only on overtones, you would have to exchange one musical universe (the ordinary one you know well) for a completely new one (the harmonic one). You would get exhausted and overwhelmed. And it would be wrong, because the more interesting and in fact also easier way is to connect with the many sides of your musical being already present. You are no doubt an avid listener who enjoys listening to different kinds of music, you have opinions about certain singers and players you love or hate. You also speak, talk, and maybe sometimes yell or scream, or moan and sigh.

RESONANCE aims not only to bring out that special, utterly unusual voice – your overtones. It lets you re-connect to your pre-existing sonic essence, to your everyday voice. It teaches you how to listen in surprising ways, to perveive your sonic self more completely. The workshop introduces you to a host of other sounds, body practices, mental and contemplative exercises, and useful background information presented in a non-technical way. You explore what resonates in you, and what resonates with others in the group. Sometimes our work takes on the shape of a theatrical workout or performance, sometimes that of a ritual. I am looking forward to see how the environment of Ubud, an incredibly rich place in terms of Hindu culture and performance traditions will effect our creative process.

For who is it?

You don’t have to be musically trained to learn. In my classes I have had absolute beginners in the field of music who would quickly pick up things, and expert musicians who were able to change their habits only with difficulty – and vice versa of course. The good thing is, in RESONANCE we really shake things up, start anew, we radically break down old patterns, and together build up something new. In that sense we all start at the same level, because even trained singers are usually surprised by the things I let them experience with their voices.

At times this workshop will be very structured, precise, with clear guidance and goals. At other moments it is completely unpredictable what comes out. We follow the group’s dynamic, its own sound history, its own resonance. What you need to bring to this workshop is a willingness to try out new things with your voice and a good deal of curiosity to learn about sound and what it can do for you.

The lovely team of Soundtherapy Hong Kong have helped to organise this first long retreat. Thanks Jennifer and Jasmine!

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