How to sing overtones ( Full Tutorial ! ) – also for women and children

How to sing overtones ( Full Tutorial ! ) – also for women and children

Published on Dec 3, 2017

The singing teacher Ilaria Orefice introduces the basic techniques of overtone singing. The tutorial is for everyone, especially for women and children! For a Skype lesson:

CHANTS ENCOUNTER: Overtone Singing around the World

CHANTS ENCOUNTER: Overtone Singing around the World

Published on Nov 22, 2014

CHANTS ENCOUNTER is an extraordinary journey of sight and sound to the world of Gregorian Chant, Tibetan monasteries, and the centuries-old Mongolian style of overtone singing. It demonstrates the powerful healing and meditative qualities of ritual chanting and overtone harmonics. Host and producer, Don Hill captures a special “chants encounter” of the Ganden Jangtse monks of India. In exile since the invasion of their Tibetan homeland in 1959, the Ganden Jangtse monks perform sacred dances and ritual overtone chanting to raise money to sustain their transplanted monastery. Outstanding location footage features the people and monasteries of Tibet; the construction of a beautiful sand mandala floor-painting by the Ganden Jangtse monks; Gregorian chant complimented by glimpses of the harmonically stunning interior of Amien’s Notre Dame, a 13th century cathedral in northern France; the Slot Canyons of Arizona; as well as Canada’s breathtaking Rocky Mountains and scenic Pacific Coast.


How to learn the Overtone Scale – Exercises for Advanced by Miroslav Grosser

How to learn the Overtone Scale – Exercises for Advanced by Miroslav Grosser

Published on Sep 7, 2013

to get the chart:… Video content: demonstration of few exercises for overtone singing to practise the overtone scale between the harmonics H4 to H12 on a single fundamental note. voice, head and hand belong to Miroslav Grosser, Berlin, Germany Singers Website in english: NEU: nur jetzt zum Einführungspreis 2,75 Stunden Online-Videokurs “Die Magie des Obertongesangs – eine praktische Einführung ins vokale Obertonsingen” Infos unter… Obertongesang und Stimmbildung: (Einzelunterricht auf Deutsch und Englisch in Berlin und weltweit per Skype) alle Workshop-Infos für eine Einführung in die Kunst des vokalen Obertongesangs unter… CD “Sounds of Light – Overtone Singing Solo”… CD´s und mp3 mit Obertongesang (inklusive Lern-CD):… Alles Gute für Sie und Ihre Stimme wünscht mit klangvollen Grüßen Miroslav Großer



Published on Mar 30, 2016

In this video, I explain what vocal formants, harmonics, and overtones are, and briefly describe formant (resonance) tuning in singing. Recommended Reading: Resonance in Singing: Voice Building through Acoustic Feedback by Donald G. Miller (This book comes with the Voce Vista voice analysis software.) Practical Vocal Acoustics: Pedagogic Applications for Teachers and Singers by Kenneth W. Bozeman