Toilet Overtone Singing Tutorial by Tran Quang Hai

Toilet Overtone Singing Tutorial by Tran Quang Hai
Overtone P
Ajoutée le 5 oct. 2018
Tran Quang Hai and his …hu….unique teaching method to do overtone singing. Remember to contract everything, like when you’re constipated at the toilet.


Routes Nomades
Ajoutée le 2 juin 2016
Master class de khöömii donnée au Musée Dauphinois, Festival Les Détours de Babel, Grenoble, France, le 02/04/2016.

Khöömii masterclass by Papizan Badar & Johanni Curtet at Musee Dauphinois, Les Detours de Babel Festival, Grenoble, France.

Within the framework of the release of the CD Anthology of Mongolian Khöömii by Buda Records and for the 10th anniversary of Routes Nomades

Dans le cadre de la sortie du disque Anthologie du khöömii mongol sur le label Buda Musique, et pour les 10 ans de Routes Nomades

Нүүдэлчин Зам Холбооны 10 жилийн ойд зориулан, Бюда Мюзик лэйбэлтэй хамтран гаргаж буй Монгол Хөөмийн Сонгомол цомгийн хүрээнд толилуулж байна.

Production : Routes Nomades
Продюсер: Нүүдэлчин Зам Холбоо

Réalisation, Editing: Titania

“Great master teacher of the mongolian throat singing” Part I

“Great master teacher of the mongolian throat singing” Part I
Khosbayars Bayarsaikhan
Published on Mar 21, 2012
Д.Энхцэцэг редактортай МҮОНТВ-н Соёл эрдэнэ студийн хийсэн Монголын алдарт хөөмэйч Баатарын Одсүрэнгийн тухай хөрөг нэвтрүүлэг 2011 он

Odsuren Baatar is one of the mongolian famous throat singer and great teacher.…

Tutorial Overtone Singing by Giovanni Bortoluzzi

Tutorial Overtone Singing by Giovanni Bortoluzzi

Published on May 20, 2016

Overtone singing lessons (4L’s method) Warm-up exercise: say slowly as you can the word “YOU” step #1: hum a comfortable pitch, feel the vibration in your upper teeth step #2: say “L”, keeping the tip of the tongue on the roof of your mouth step #3: while keeping the “L position”, change vowels from OO to EE Make sure that air won’t escape from your nose! It is essential. For any question mail me:


Overtone singing tutorial by YUICHI TUBA



Overtone singing tutorial by YUICHI TUBA

Published on Nov 7, 2007

Here’s a basic walk-through I put together explaining how to bring out the overtones. I ran by each step really quickly so if you have specific questions feel free to email me. Some things that I left out. -when making the “L” shape with your tongue, think of it as if you’re pronouncing “ul” As you lift up the back it will naturally making an “ee” sound without you making it the “ee” shape with your lips. – the BIG challenge is going to be to hold the pitch you’re singing in tune while listening for the pitch of the overtones. Don’t worry about that at first. You will want to work on getting the overtones to really ring, THEN you can work on sustaining the pitch that you’re singing in tune.

聽見「泛音」 重新感受被忽略的生活細節 Find Your Inner Voice in Overtone Singing | Mark Van Tongeren | TEDxTaipei

聽見「泛音」 重新感受被忽略的生活細節 Find Your Inner Voice in Overtone Singing | Mark Van Tongeren | TEDxTaipei

Published on Dec 9, 2016

泛音是音樂演奏中一種特殊的演奏方式,以分段震動不同頻率,可達到同時發出兩種音的效果。Mark van Tongeren熱愛研究泛音,他認為泛音原本就存在人類原本說話的聲響裡,只是我們沒有用「心」和「知覺」去感受它,就像面對這個過多雜訊干擾的世界。透過學習泛音,我們不但更加了解聲音的奧妙,更能重新認識更本質的自己。 Overtone singing is a special type of performance that leverages different frequencies of vibration to produce two kinds of sound. Mark van Tongeren’s passion is the study of harmonics. He believes that overtone is already in the human voice; It’s just a matter of using our hearts and our conscious to recognize it. Through overtone singing, we can better understand the wonders of sound, and the dynamic capabilities of our voices. —– Mark Van Tongeren 是一個充滿熱情的聲音探索者。他結合了藝術,科技以及網路技巧在他的作品裡。透過他靈巧的耳朵,多變的聲音以及原創的洞見,他領導著人們探索自己聲音的不同面向。作為一個受過訓練的民族音樂家,Mark持續的結合瑜珈動作,帶領學生去感受,理解泛音以及喉嚨發聲背後的理論。 Mark Van Tongeren is a passionate sound explorer who combines art, science, and contemplative practices into his work. Using his fine ears, versatile voice, and original insights as his primary tools, he guides people in discovering different dimensions to their own sounds. As a trained ethnomusicologist, Mark seamlessly combines yoga postures and leads students to explore, feel and understand the theory behind overtone or throat singing. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Khöömii Singer Tserendavaa Presentation at Mongolian Khöömii Festival Conference July 2011

Khöömii Singer Tserendavaa Presentation at Mongolian Khöömii Festival Conference July 2011

Published on Jan 11, 2015

Tserendavaa is famous in Mongolia as one of the most experienced Khöömii Singers (Overtone singing). He is a herdsman who still lives in the landscape of Khöömii in west Mongolia and is a keeper of the traditional ways as nominated by UNESCO. The Inaugural European Mongolian Khöömii Festival and Conference at The School of Oriental and African Studies,London, were honoured for him to give the first presentation on July 11th 2011. Other speakers were Dr Carole Pegg Uk’s foremost Mongolian and South Siberian Ethnomusicologist. Ariunbold Dashdorj, musician and director of the Mongolian Throat Singing group, Khusugtun. Michael Ormiston, UK’s most experienced Mongolian Khöömii Singer. The event was organised by Unurmaa Janchiv (Who also translated) and Michael Ormiston, in cooperation with, The Embassy of Mongolia London, Lingua Global and The School of Oriental & African Studies. Thanks to Steve Teers of DiVa Pictures and Tim Brewer for filming