Overtone Singing & Deep Voice Chant with Tibetan Monks

Overtone Singing & Deep Voice Chant with Tibetan Monks

12,095 views•Apr 23, 20203584ShareSaveHarmonicVoices 3.75K subscribers Nestor Kornblum presents an Overtone Singing Meditation in The Dome, together with Tibetan Lamas from the famous Gaden Shartse Monastery, on their 2014 tour of Spain. The Lamas are chanting a prayer using the One Voice Chord, very similar to the Kargyraa – Deep Voice singing of Tuva, but without making melodies with the overtones. Nestor sings both the Deep Voice and High Overtones, which sound like a flute playing above the voice of the chanters,

Actuació de Guillem Codern al concert de gala Khoomei a Tuva 2018

Actuació de Guillem Codern al concert de gala Khoomei a Tuva 2018

875 views•Jul 3, 2018 231ShareSaveRicard Guiu 5 subscribers Concert de Gala del VII Symposium Khoomei, actuació de Guillem Codern, l’home dels mil talents…

REAL MONASTERIO DE SANTA MARIA DE LA VALLDIGNA Overtone Singing at Valldigna Monastery 1


Overtone Singing at Valldigna Monastery 1

419 vues•28 févr. 2020 39 0 Partager EnregistrerHarmonicVoices 3,25 k abonnés Nestor Kornblum and Michele Averard join with their friends Oleg Rossiiskiy and Irina Kazachenko from St. Petersburg at the beautiful acoustic Chapel in the Monastery of Santa Maria de Valldigna near Valencia in Spain. This is a pure Improvisation of Voice and Overtone Singing in the moment! Filmed and edited by Oleg Rossiiskiy. OVERTONE SINGING is the technique that enables one person to sing TWO sounds at the same time with the voice. Listen to the high Flute-like sounds above the voice. These are being created by the singers… Watch the mouth movements to identify which singer is creating which sounds 🙂

MuOM – overtone singing improvisation

MuOM – overtone singing improvisation

40 642 vues•26 mars 2012 485 8 Partager EnregistrerCumie Music 891 abonnés Barcelona’s Overtone Singing Choir sings an improvization // El coro de Canto Armónico de Barcelona canta una improvización. . seated from left to right: Moisés Manuel Perez Miguelez Farran Sylvan James Joaquín Manjón Peñalver standing from left to right: Josep María Aragay Borràs David Sitges Riccardo Parenti Cumie Dunio For music & concert dates, search “MuOM” on facebook and myspace. Para música y fechas de conciertos, busca “MuOM” en facebook y myspace. Thanks to Alex Amengual and Golden Studio Barcelona for producing the video.

Fátima Miranda-Concierto en Canto (28”54′ Resumen del Concierto)

Fátima Miranda-Concierto en Canto (28”54′ Resumen del Concierto)

Ajoutée le 3 oct. 2013

* Original Idea, Direction, Musical composition and singer performer: Fátima Miranda * Photograph for “Alankara Skin”: Koldo Chamorro * Lighting design: Andreas Grainer * Stage consulting: Maite Hernangómez * Costumes design and tailoring: “En Escena” * Sound engineer: Andrés Vazquez Archdale Note: All the vocal sounds produced in this concert are natural and the result of technics developed by Fátima Miranda. The voice is supported by amplification, without electronic manipulation. SPONSORS/CO-PRODUCERS: * HEBBEL THEATER — HAU Berlin * SONAMBIENTE – Festival fiir Horen und Sehen – Berlin * DAAD (Deutscher Akedemischer Austauschdienst) — Berlin * Spanish Foreign Affeirs Ministery * C.I.N.T. (Center for Images and New Technologies – Vitoria)

MuOM and 200+ voices in Montserrat Mountain Cave (Overtone Singing)

MuOM and 200+ voices in Montserrat Mountain Cave (Overtone Singing)

Ajoutée le 22 mai 2013

Las imágenes muestran diferentes momentos del concierto en la cueva. La música únicamente una pieza y el canto de todo el público al final del concierto…
MuOM is: Josep Mª Aragay Borràs Cumie Dunio Sylvan Farran James Joaquín Manjón Peñalver Riccardo Parenti Moisés M. Pérez Miguélez David Sitges-Sardà
MuOM is a septet overtone singing choir, where all singers use Western techniques of Overtone Singing. In some of the pieces, guttural vocal techniques from Central Asia (Tuva, Mongolia) are used, such as khoomei, sygyt and kargyraa.
MuOM es un septeto coral de cantos armónicos, donde todos los cantantes utilizan técnicas occidentales de canto difónico. Además en algunas de las piezas también se utilizan técnicas vocales guturales y difónicas provenientes del centro de Asia (Tuva, Mongolia), como el khoomei, sygyt y kargyraa.
MuOM és un septet coral de cants harmònics, en el qual tots els cantants utilitzen tècniques occidentals de cant difònic. A més en algunes de les peces també s’utilitzen tècniques vocals guturals i difóniques provinents del centre d’Àsia (Tuva, Mongòlia), com el khoomei, sygyt i kargyraa.

MuOM, Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir

MuOM, Barcelona Overtone Singing Choir

Ajoutée le 1 déc. 2014

MuOM concert clips at: Casa del Tibet & La Sagrada Familia. Impromptu singing in the Plaça Catalunya metro. Workshop moments at Nírmala Yoga & Therapies Center. http://www.muom.net Support us buying our music: https://muom.bandcamp.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/es/album/ecs… https://itunes.apple.com/es/album/mu/… MuOM in this video: Moisés Manuel Pérez Miguélez Sylvan Farran James Joaquín Manjón Peñalver David Sitges-Sardà Josep María Aragay Borràs Cumie Dunio Riki Parenti Film Director: Miquel Àngel Raió Editor: Francesc Sitges Sardà Assistants to the Director: Pau Ramírez Sergio Román Fran D’Acosta Colorist: Adrià Cillero * Thank you to the public present in this video, and to all who have attended our concerts. Thanks to: Casa del Tibet & Lama Thubten Wangchen Sagrada Familia Church Casa Rural Can Buxaus Alex Amengual Ramon Clemente Zeneida Sardà Rosa Bazán Eleni Charitidou


Harmonic Bamboo for Shakuhachi and Overtone Singing

Harmonic Bamboo for Shakuhachi and Overtone Singing

Ajoutée le 27 juin 2009

Concierto en Espacio Ronda 26-04-2009. Antonio Olías “Shakuhachi” y Francisco Lumbreras “Canto Difónico y voz contratenor”. Concert at Espacio Ronda 26th of April 2009. Antonio Olías “Shakuhachi” and Francisco Lumbreras “Overtone Singing”.


Harmonic Bamboo for Shakuhachi and Overtone Singing