We are Finnish band called Cedip Tur and we are playing Tuvan folkmusic where throatsinging or khoomei has a big role. Khoomei is a special way to use human voice and is used only around Altai-mountains in Western Tuva and Western Mongolia although you can hear the echoes of khoomei also little further in Hakassia, Buryatia, Tadjekistan, Kazakhstan etc. Inuits have their own throatsinging, but it is more like breathing games. In some parts of world there are singing styles that use harsh voice or overtones that reminds khoomei. You can find such places in Southern Africa, Japan, Papua New Guinea and specially Sardegna where so called tenore quartets are using singing techniques very similar as in Tuva. But such throat technique and overtone controll they use in Central Asia you can ́t find in any other place on earth.There is several styles of khoomei – some local, some general – but three basic styles are most important: khoomei – which is also one style along with being generic term of phenomenon – sygyt and kargyra. All techniques require controlof throat and overtones. In sygyt and kargyra one squeeze trachea below and filters overtones controlling the space in mouth and throat. In kargyra you make the false vocal chords to vibrate, which makes voice sound very deep, because they vibrate half the speed of normal vocal chords.What is overtone? Overtones are frequences of sound or voice which are dependant on source and space. They are the colour of voice. With the control of space in your mouth you can filter the multiples (I am not sure about the term…) of basic drone. Ex basic drone 100 Hz, first overtone 200 Hz, second 300 Hz and soon. These overtones forms a harmonic scale which is used in overtone music like khoomei.I got interrested in khoomei in 1995 at Haapavesi Folk festival at workshop of Boris Salchak. After that me and my Finnish throat singing friends have found a throat singing society and some bands. I have visited Tuva twice.Most important Tuvan khoomei bands among others are Huun-Huur-Tu, Chirgilchin,Tuva Kyzy, Alash, Tuva Ensemble and Yat-Kha. Known Mongolian bands are Egschiglen, Altai Khairkhan, Börte, Tenger Ayalguu and Transmongolia.This year we celebrate 10th anniversary of Finnish Throat singing Society. In November there is a photograph exhibition ”Pictures from Throat singing Lands”and a Day of Voice 10th November. Transmongolia is performing at the concert.Well this was quick and non scientific, but I thought, it is better do it right away. Hope this is something you are looking for.Of course there is shorter ways to answer like: ”We are Cedip Tur and we play and sing Tuvan music in Finnish way. Yes, throat singing sounds weird and primitive.”

the CEDIP TUR band