Getting Started with Overtone Singing by STUART HINDS

Getting Started with Overtone Singing by STUART HINDS

16 viewsAug 21, 202150ShareSaveTheStuartHinds 90 subscribers Stuart Hinds demonstrates a very easy way to bring out the overtones in your voice.

0:00 – Introduction

3:15 – Exercise 1

4:11 – Exercise 2

6:24 – Exercise 3

The difference between regular singing and Mongolian Throat Singing

The difference between regular singing and Mongolian Throat Singing

34 views•Feb 2, 202110ShareSaveMichael Music 12 subscribers Batzorig Vaanchig’s YouTube:…

How To Throat Sing, Sygyt Style with Alex Glenfield

How To Throat Sing, Sygyt Style with Alex Glenfield

23,319 views•May 17, 20201.2K6ShareSaveAlex Glenfield 13.3K subscribers Here is part three in a video series exploring How To Overtone Sing and Throat Sing. This video focuses on the “sygyt”, two cavity style, whereby the tongue hovers against, and moves forward and back upon, the upper palette. Though I no longer offer lesson via SKYPE, I do consider remote recording projects for movies, television, and of course, the music industry! What a shame when something becomes an “industry”. alexglenfield(at) Part I…​ Part II…​ Part IV:…

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Ravi Padmanabha, Alex Glenfield



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How to sing REALLY low. A short Tutorial.

1 005 289 vues•6 déc. 201942 k250PartagerEnregistrerGeoff Castellucci 67,5 k abonnés Thanks for watching. Connect with Geoff Relevant links: Tim Foust: David Larson (his sub-harmonic tutorial is amazing and how I learned) :

Covid-Romanesca /Romanesca – for two overtone singers and harpsichord Filip Rydlo and Stuart Hinds – polyphonic overtone singing


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Alas! – Stuart Hinds

0:41 / 3:14

Alas! – Stuart Hinds

Alas! – Stuart Hinds

254 views•Jun 3, 2017 50ShareSaveTheStuartHinds 81 subscribers Patrick Moore – cello Stuart Hinds – overtone singing performed at St. Thomas University, 9.29.16 The inspiration for Alas! came from the lute songs of John Dowland. Even though there are no lyrics, the emotional content and polyphonic style are similar to Dowland’s. The piece was originally composed for voice and bassoon and has also been performed with bass clarinet, but this performance was given with cello.

Overtone Choir Spektrum – Chaconne (Stuart Hinds)

Overtone Choir Spektrum – Chaconne (Stuart Hinds)

691 views•Oct 26, 2015 50ShareSaveOvertone Choir Spektrum 70 subscribers Overtone Choir Spektrum (Prague, Czech Republic) Conductor: Jan Stanek CD Paian (2015) Published: Alikvotní sbor Spektrum, copyright 2015, AS 002-2 All rights reserved (OSA)