Throat Singing Basics (Subharmonic Singing) || BillyTheBard11th

Throat Singing Basics (Subharmonic Singing) || BillyTheBard11th

Published on Nov 3, 2018

EDIT: Read the top comment for some technical corrections by Thou Yang – I had the entire false chord thing wrong! Sorry for the confusion! Hey guys! Last time I did a tutorial/lesson type video of any sort was the Polymeter one – some of you liked the format so I’ve been thinking about what else to talk about. This week I decided on something possibly even more obscure than Polymetric music, throat singing! There are tons of different kinds of throat singing, the one I’m talking about here is specifically called Subharmonic singing, or simply Subharmonics! I’m not fantastic at it by any means, but I’ve been using them in my videos for a good while now and I think they are really fun. I hope you try it out! 😀 Links to great people on this subject below! Bass2Yang: David Larson:… The Oktavism Channel:… Check out my Facebook page for musical updates and trivial shenanigans:… Or follow me on Twitter if that’s what you’re into: I also upload stupid photos on Instagram occasionally:… Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

How to Sing Lower: Vocal Fry vs. Subharmonic Bass

How to Sing Lower: Vocal Fry vs. Subharmonic Bass

Published on Jan 8, 2016

This is another highly requested video! Many of you are having trouble getting into the register still, so hopefully this helps clear things up. Thanks again! Facebook : David Lee Larson Instagram : DavidLeeLarson