An earthquake of a final note from the PaTRAM institute male choir featuring ten oktavists, The PaTRAM Institute Male Choir Singing at the Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral in Saratov, Russia

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An earthquake of a final note from the PaTRAM institute male choir featuring ten oktavists.

Joshua Bamford THAT’s vocal dimorphism!!

Nicholas Bannan I can’t quite make out whether it is a very low modal phonation, or a subharmonic achieved in Tuvan style.

Nicholas Bannan I wonder whether Tran Quang Hai can evaluate the vocal production of the basses as modal or subharmonic?

WHEN NICHOLAS BANNAN FROM AUSTRALIA ASKED ME WHETHER THE MALE CHOIR OF THE PATRAM INSTITUTE IN SATAROV RUSSIA SUNG THE EARTHQUAKE SOUND WHICH CAN BE MODAL SINGING OR SUGHARMONIC, I SPEND A FEW HOURS TO LISTEN THE CLIP VERY CAREFULLY TRYING TO DISCOVER THE WAY THEY PRODUCED THE VERY LOW SOUND ; FINALLY ,THE RESULT OF MAKING THE SAME SOUND EFFECT WITH LOW SOUND. FIRST, I SANG THE NORMAL PITCH IN MEDIUM LEVAL WITH THE WORLD ” HOR” THEN I CHANGED TO THE WORD ” EE like BEE” in an octave lower than the first sound. The produced sound “EE” with the mouth half close, and the sound like you snore with the low vibration of the low sound creating the earthquake sound effect .This vocal production can be compared with the KARGYRAA Tuvin and Mongolian style, or the TIBETAN low sound chanting.
The vibration of the false vocal cords makes this kind of low sound . Do you think that it is subharmonic ? I am only the voice imitator.
Thank you Nicholas for offering me this occasion to practise my voice experimentation .
TRAN QIANG HAI (14/08/2020 , FRANCE)

How to Sing Lower: Subharmonic Register Bass Voice

How to Sing Lower: Subharmonic Register Bass Voice

577,945 views•Oct 20, 2015 11K 309 Share SaveDavid Larson 32.3K subscribers *Check out my New HD Covers on my channel!!* Hello Youtube! This video is intended for those of you that are interested in learning about the subharmonic register technique for singing low notes in the Octavist range! I will be making more videos in the near future talking about more advanced techniques with this register, along with some other extra techniques that I use to sing in the Octavist range. I hope you enjoy it, leave any comments or questions below! Thanks! Facebook: David Lee Larson Instagram: @Davidwiththelonghair

Chant Guttural Mongol, ou un truc qui y ressemble (Tuto)

Chant Guttural Mongol, ou un truc qui y ressemble (Tuto)

4,210 views•Premiered May 30, 2019 232 3 Share SaveHumbu Studio 188 subscribers Le chant guttural mongol ça m’a toujours fait rêver… Ces voix graves ont un son tellement cool. Les moines qui chantent le OM, les beatboxers qui font des énormes basses, et encore plein de raisons qui m’ont fait chercher ce son pendant longtemps. Je me rappelle porter des cartons de pommes dans une usine en Nouvelle-Zélande une des premières fois ou j’ai réussi à chanter longtemps avec le son que je voulais et sans me faire mal. C’était en 2012 et ça faisait au moins deux ans que je jouais avec ma voix tous les jours (comme un gamin clairement) Je décris comment je fais, mais il ne faut pas y voir là un cours. Je ne suis pas prof de chant, mais un enthousiaste éclectique chronique xD Malgré tout j’espère que ça donnera assez de pistes aux curieux =D Si vous avez plus d’infos sur ce type de chant ce sera un plaisir de vous lire dans les commentaires ! À jeudi prochain !!!

Throat Singing Basics (Subharmonic Singing) || BillyTheBard11th

Throat Singing Basics (Subharmonic Singing) || BillyTheBard11th

Published on Nov 3, 2018

EDIT: Read the top comment for some technical corrections by Thou Yang – I had the entire false chord thing wrong! Sorry for the confusion! Hey guys! Last time I did a tutorial/lesson type video of any sort was the Polymeter one – some of you liked the format so I’ve been thinking about what else to talk about. This week I decided on something possibly even more obscure than Polymetric music, throat singing! There are tons of different kinds of throat singing, the one I’m talking about here is specifically called Subharmonic singing, or simply Subharmonics! I’m not fantastic at it by any means, but I’ve been using them in my videos for a good while now and I think they are really fun. I hope you try it out! 😀 Links to great people on this subject below! Bass2Yang: David Larson:… The Oktavism Channel:… Check out my Facebook page for musical updates and trivial shenanigans:… Or follow me on Twitter if that’s what you’re into: I also upload stupid photos on Instagram occasionally:… Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2

How to Sing Lower: Vocal Fry vs. Subharmonic Bass

How to Sing Lower: Vocal Fry vs. Subharmonic Bass

Published on Jan 8, 2016

This is another highly requested video! Many of you are having trouble getting into the register still, so hopefully this helps clear things up. Thanks again! Facebook : David Lee Larson Instagram : DavidLeeLarson