“Ihr Kinderlein, kommet” – Wolfgang Saus – Polyphonic Overtone Singing / Obertongesang

“Ihr Kinderlein, kommet” – Wolfgang Saus – Polyphonic Overtone Singing / Obertongesang

Published on Dec 24, 2014

German Christmas Carol by J.A.P. Schulz 1794. Find out more and download the scores for free on http://www.oberton.org/?p=1588 Wolfgang Saus sings bass and melody simultaneously with polyphonic overtone singing technique. It’s an easy version, download the scores and music for free and try singin along. Michael Reimann – keyboards – http://www.michaelreimann.de Wolfgang Saus – overtone singing – http://www.oberton.org Video credit: Falling snow by Matt S – http://vimeo.com/mattsfilms – CC BY 3.0 —————————————————————————- Deutsches Weihnachtslied von J.A.P. Schulz 1794. Mehr dazu und kostenlose Noten: http://www.oberton.org/?p=1588 Wolfgang Saus singt Bass und Melodie gleichzeitig mit polyphoner Obertongesang-Technik. Es ist eine einfache Version, lade Dir die Noten kostenlos herunter und versuche mitzusingen. Eine gute Übung für mehrstimmiges Obertonsingen. Michael Reimann – Keyboard – http://www.michaelreimann.de Wolfgang Saus – Obertongesang – http://www.oberton.org Video: Falling snow von Matt S – http://vimeo.com/mattsfilms – CC BY 3.0

Schneller Obertongesang – Wolfgang Saus & Michael Reimann – Fast Overtonsinging

Schneller Obertongesang – Wolfgang Saus & Michael Reimann – Fast Overtonsinging

Published on May 3, 2012

PIANOO – Eine Obertonkomposition aus der CD HARMONIVERSUM. Ein Live-Mitschnitt aus dem Konzert Harmoniversum des Events “Jazzdowntown” im Kulturzentrum Konstanz. Wolfgang Saus: Obertongesang, Michael Reimann Piano. PIANOO – A harmonic composition of the CD HARMONIVERSUM. A live recording from the concert Harmoniversum of the event “downtown jazz” in the cultural center of Konstanz. Wolfgang Saus: overtone singing, piano Michael Reimann.

Pachelbel’s Canon – Overtone Singing

Pachelbel’s Canon – Overtone Singing

Published on Oct 27, 2014

Wolfgang Saus sings two melodies at the same time: bass & soprano of Pachelbel’s Canon simultaneously. It’s a short demonstration of polyphonic overtone singing skills (sometimes referred to as throat singing) used in special new classical compositions. The interesting thing about doing this with overtone singing is: the melody was always hidden in the overtones of the bass voice. Many ancient composers intuitively created “harmonic” melodies out of overtones of a basso continuo. Painting: „Aachener Farbflügel-Altar” by Günther Beckers. More information: http://www.oberton.org/pachhelbel-kanon/

Wolfgang Saus live in Munich

Wolfgang Saus live in Munich

Published on Dec 7, 2009

Wolfgang Saus http://www.oberton.org live in Munich at the premiere of the movie Trailer “Raum Klang Stimme – A Quest for the Origin of Harmonics”, a film documentary about overtone singing and harmonics http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwtUqs… by Minghao Xu. A concert of Klang der Stille http://www.klangderstille.com

Trailer “Der Obertonworkshop – mit Wolfgang Saus”

Trailer “Der Obertonworkshop – mit Wolfgang Saus”

Published on Nov 22, 2009

DVD Workshop für Obertonsingen mit Wolfgang Saus – http://oberton.org DVD bestellbar unter https://www.traumzeit-verlag.de/shop/… DVD Workshop on Overtone Singing with Wolfgang Saus – http://oberton.org You can order this DVD via https://www.traumzeit-verlag.de/shop/…

canon in overtonesinging by Wolfgang Saus & Anna-Maria Hefele

canon in overtonesinging by Wolfgang Saus & Anna-Maria Hefele

Published on Aug 8, 2017

famous canon sung by Wolfgang Saus & Anna-Maria Hefele at the International Congress of Voice Teachers in Stockholm, 2017. Wolfgang Saus: http://oberton.org/ Anna-Maria Hefele: http://anna-maria-hefele.com/ ICVT: https://icvt2017.com/ cought on tape by Lisa Popeil 😉