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4 concerts this week (NL/PL)
15/11/2013Artistic Research, People, ProjectsAMSTERDAM, Audio Art, Audio Art Festival, Bram Stadhouders, concerts, Daphne van Tongeren, Echokamer, Het Poortgebouw, improvisation, Krakow, Marek Cholonewksi, Mark Alban Lotz, Mark van Tongeren, Mediamatic, music, Oorbeek, oorsprong curator series, Overtone Singing, Rollin Rachele, sound-art, Superstringtrio, Voice

dear listeners,

I’d like to announce a couple of concerts in The Netherlands and in Poland in the coming week:


Monday 18 november, AMSTERDAM, Het Poortgebouw, 1st Floor, Tolhuisweg 2: Oorsprong Curator Series, start at 20 o’ clock. Free-improvisation with flutist Mark Alban Lotz and guitarist Bram Stadhouders and vocalist Mark van Tongeren, and several other exciting music/dance impro-combinations in two other sets that same night.

Thursday 21 November, AMSTERDAM, Mediamatic/Fabriek – Echokamer, 20:30, Superstringtrio (Rollin Rachele, Mark van Tongeren) and Daphne van Tongeren (light/performance).
Echokamer is a series of events during which composers, musicians and other sound-makers experiment with sound at, and with the sound of, Mediamatic Fabriek. The giant industrial hall reverberates and erodes, and produces quite a bit of sound all by itself. The perfect place for noisy experiments. Read more details about Superstringtrio’s sonic excursion next Thursday on this link:

Sunday 24 November, KRAKOW (Poland), Audio Art Festival/Bunkier Sztuki, 19 o’clock, Superstringtrio. We have been invited by Marek Choloniewski, founder of Audio Art Festival, one of the most long-standing festivals dedicated to Sound Art in all its beautiful, radical and weird manifestations, to join the ranks of many artists who have performed there in past decades. Superstringtrio will present an updated version of its performance Incognito Ergo Sum, premiered in Amsterdam earlier this year at the occasion of the PhD-defense of Mark van Tongeren’s Thresholds of the Audible- thesis at Leiden University. See a short clips of it on Vimeo: For the full program of the festival, which has already started yesterday and continues next week, check this link:
(with our thanks to Horst Rickels, who gives a workshop and concert in Krakow tomorrow with his Lesley-speakersystem, together with Robert Pravda).

In a couple of hours I am leaving Taiwan. If all goes well I might join Oorbeek tomorrow, Saturday 16 November at the opening of The New Institute in ROTTERDAM. Set 1 at 17 o’ clock, set 2 at 17:45. 6th floor, Museumpark 25, 3015 CB Rotterdam,

Hope to see you somewhere!

Best wishes,

mark van tongeren

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Mark van Tongeren


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About me:
I was raised artistically with The Silo Theatre of Amsterdam in the 1990s, make improvised music with Oorbeek, compose and improvise with my own Parafonia crew, and have some solo musical and non-musical alter ego’s.

I do a PhD in the arts at Leiden University / docARTES in Ghent, entitled “Overtone Singing and the thresholds of audibility.” You’ll find more info on

Currently, I love philosophy/phenomenology.

And my my kids, who are half Taiwanese.

Jew’s Harp, KaossPad double-nose-flute and an array of Paraphonic instruments

The Radiators, The Animals and other environmental sounds


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Voice and Shruti performed live @ TCMA 2012 Pt. II by Mark van Tongeren
Voice and Shruti performed live @ TCMA 2012 Pt. II by Mark van Tongeren

Added by Mark van Tongeren
Mark van Tongeren @ TCMA 2012 Pt. I
Mark van Tongeren @ TCMA 2012 Pt. I

Added by Mark van Tongeren

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At 2:47pm on September 15, 2011, frderik aldrik hendrik de wolff said…
ha Mark,

Goeie vlucht gehad? Mijn opleiders die ook regelmatig contact hebben in Taiwan zijn benieuwd of je als zij weer een keer daar zijn dan wel in de Volksrepubliek contact mogen zoeken met jou.

Breng straks je boek en cd naar de bieb. Inderdaad bijzondere cd,gaat dwars door het hoofd heen soms.

Ik vond het een erg leuk bezoek aan jou en je zus.

met vriendelijke groet,

Frits de Wolff

At 3:49pm on January 29, 2010, Jens Mügge said…
Hello Mark,

your CD Parafonia is listed now and played since yesterday at – Wolfhard selected the piece »Dulcet Ingratitude Oblique«

Stay tuned,

At 9:24am on November 19, 2009, Harold Grandstaff Moses said…
Thanks for the welcome. I am a believer in the healing power of Harmony. For the past 15 years I have experimented with engineering harmonic overtones in order to alter consciousness and effect healing. I invite you to sample these “Harmonics for Health” – I experience this music as a ‘theo-active’ adventure.

Enjoy these Free Downloads:

Main Portal:

“You are a harmonically unique vibrational signature of the Divine – a chord in the cosmic Harmony.”

At 11:51pm on August 20, 2009, Rowenna said…
Dear Marc, with the dates I ment a facture or the banking adress how to transfer the payment for the CD. I am looking forward listening your musik and wish you a good time and lots of inspiration,
with kind regards

At 2:14pm on August 20, 2009, Rowenna said…
Nice to have you as a friend. Would be interested in your CD. Could you send it to me with the dates for the exchange of money. My adress you find in my homepage:

At 1:37am on May 20, 2009, Jens Mügge said…
Hi Mark, your book Overtone Singing Physics and Metaphysics of Harmonics in East and West is currently unavailable on – Can I order it via The Tuva Trader only?
With kind regards,
Jens Mügge

At 9:42am on April 16, 2009, Tran Quang Hai said…
Dear Mark,
Congratulations for your CD . Hope to meet you next summer. I’ll go to South Africa to participate in the ICTM world conference (I am an executive board member, an obligation !) from 28 june till 11 july 2009
Love to you and your family
Tran Quang Hai

At 8:38am on April 16, 2009, Tran Quang Hai said…
Hi Mark,
How are you ? Where are you now ?
I am a retired man now . To morrow , I ‘ll give a workshop of overtone singing in Berlin until Sunday. Then Bach Yen and I shall go to Canada for 2 weeks to give concerts and lectures at Ottawa University from 27 april till 11 may.
How are all members of your family ?
Tran Quang Hai

At 6:33pm on February 27, 2009, Arjopa said…
Shagaa Bile Dear Mark!!

We wish you & your family a happy, healthy,fruit- & successful
New Year of the Earth Cow!!
May all your wishes & plans come true in thisyear of butter & cream!!

Shagaa Bile!!

Khoomei Throatsinging Country Punk Greetings from Berlin!!

Arjopa & The Master U-like

At 6:29pm on February 12, 2009, Arjopa said…
Dear Mark!!
Thanx a lot for your friendship,here!!
Haven´t seen us for a while – last time at our concert,
Obertonfest, Berlin 2002!!
We still like your work/music!!

Hope you like our Khoomei Throatsinging Country Punk,too!!

Greetings from Berlin!!

Arjopa & The Master U-like

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Mark van Tongeren : Sound artist

mark van tongeren
March 13th, 2013 (13h45)
Mark van Tongeren’s PhD Defense
Leiden University

Mark van Tongeren defended his thesis Grenzen van het hoorbare; over de meerstemmigheid van het lichaam.
Read more
March 10 & 12, 2013 (18h30)
Mark van Tongeren’s doctoral concert part 1
Incognito Ergo Sum

Mark van Tongeren presented the outcomes of his doctoral research during this concert.
Read more
March 11, 2013 (13h30-16h30)
Mark van Tongeren’s doctoral concert part 2
0…: een boventoonzangmarathon voor twee zangers

Mark van Tongeren demonstrated his findings of his doctoral research project during a 3-hour singing marathon.
Read more

Recitation of mantra NAM MÔ A DI ĐÀ PHẬT, Vietnamese Buddhism

Recitation of mantra NAM MÔ A DI ĐÀ PHẬT, Vietnamese Buddhism
QuangHai Tran
Published on May 1, 2010
Trần Quang Hải, Vietnamese ethnomusicologist and specialist of overtone singing, has proposed a new type of recitation of mantra NAM MÔ A DI ĐÀ PHẬT from Vietnamese Buddhism.

The use of overtones is an experiment suggested by Trần Quang Hải on May 1st 2010 (date of creation)

Filmed by Bạch Yến, in Limeil Brevannes, France, May 1st, 2010

UMNGQOKOLO – Thembu Xhosa – OVERTONE SINGING filmed 1985-1998 in South Africa

UMNGQOKOLO – Thembu Xhosa – OVERTONE SINGING filmed 1985-1998 in South Africa
QuangHai Tran
Published on May 17, 2012
All these video recordings were made by Prof.Dr. Dave Dargie in South Africa from 1985 and 1998 among the Xhosa tribe .
Mrs. Nowxayilethi Mbizweni sings the song “the Nondel’ekhaya with “ordinary” umnqokolo, umngqokolo ngomqangi and normal voice .
The trio perform Nondel’ekhaya with “ordinary” umngqokolo (Nowayilethi tried ngomqangi, but was battling with “flu”)
Concert at Ngqoko, 22 march 1996 . Nowayilethi and Nosomething lead the Ngqoko group with umngqokolo etc…..
Contact : Prof.Dr. Dave Dargie,


QuangHai Tran
Published on May 16, 2012
Prof.Dr. Dave DARGIE made the best video recordings from 1985 to 1998 in South Africa with Xhosa female singers .
To obtain more information about Umngqokolo – Thembu Xhosa – Overtone singing, please contact Prof.Dr Dave Dargie,Ostpreussenstr 81,
D-81927 München, GERMANY or write to him :

Kargyraa from Soriah

Kargyraa from Soriah
Throat Singing
Ajoutée le 7 sept. 2016
This is Tuvan Throat Singing in the style of Kargyraa, performed by Soriah.

The original audio source heard can be found in this video at 31:18:

If you like what you hear, please like the original video and support Soriah for his amazing Throat Singing!

Hope you enjoy!