Obertongesang, Untertongesang, Schamanische Gesänge -Studioimpressionen

Obertongesang, Untertongesang, Schamanische Gesänge -Studioimpressionen

9 091 vues•23 sept. 2016 95 5 Partager EnregistrerStimmschamanin Sandy Kühn 539 abonnés Seminar u Unterricht in verschiedenen Stimmtechniken Sandy Kühn http://www.stimm-schamanin.de

Overtone Singing Tutorial by Sound Medicine Master

Overtone Singing Tutorial by Sound Medicine Master

3 916 vues•13 avr. 2012 62 10 Partager EnregistrerGenieInaBody 319 abonnés http://www.genieinabody.com – Kailash Kokopelli has been recognized as a tribal brother and bridgemaker by indigenous people as well as a pioneer soundtherapist by medical practitioners and international doctors. Within the last 14 years Kailash Kokopelli has shared his Inner World Music on every continent touching many thousand people all over the globe. Kailash performs in schools, universities, therapeutic institutions, conferences and festivals, private and in concert halls all over the world, guiding his audience on musical journeys to the inner source. Please find more information about Kailash here: http://www.kailash-kokopelli.com

Trailer “Raum Klang Stimme” – Obertongesang (German)

Trailer “Raum Klang Stimme” – Obertongesang (German)

4 810 vues•25 nov. 2009 12 0 Partager EnregistrerVoid Visuals 1,39 k abonnés Filmdokumentation “Raum Klang Stimme – Auf der Suche nach dem Ursprung der Obertöne” 45min – 2009 Deutschland. DVD erhältlich auf http://www.voidvisuals.com Obertongesang, die Kunst, mit der menschlichen Stimme zwei oder mehrere Töne gleichzeitig zu singen, berührt und bewegt uns in der Tiefe unserer Seele. Doch wie entstehen Obertöne? Und warum wirken sie so intensiv auf uns? Der Filmemacher Minghao Xu geht in seiner DVD-Dokumentation mit dem Who-is-who der internationalen Obertonszene auf eine ebenso poetisch gefilmte wie wissenschaftlich inspirierende Reise – auf der Suche nach dem Ursprung der Obertöne. Herausgekommen ist dabei eine stimmungsvolle und informative Exkursionin in das Herz der Klänge, die nicht nur Klangfreunde begeistern dürfte. Diese Filmdokumentation behandelt anhand von sieben Musikern das Thema Obertongesang und jener harmonikalen Proportionen, die dahinter stecken. Mit: David Hykes Christian Bollmann Wolfgang Saus Danny Wetzels Hosoo & Transmongolia Jill Purce Mark van Tongeren

Canto Difonico Tuvano – Khovu (Steppe) Kargyraa – Chirgilchin

Canto Difonico Tuvano – Khovu (Steppe) Kargyraa – Chirgilchin

897 vues•1 avr. 2019 41 0 Partager EnregistrerGiovanni Bortoluzzi 1,69 k abonnés ITA: Canto difonico Tuvano, stile kargyraa della steppa. ENG: Khovu Kargyraa (or steppe kargyraa) – Tuvan Throat Singing From the Album “Aryskan’s wind” by Chirgilchin

Canto Difonico Tuvano – Sygyt (Overtone singing – throat singing)

Canto Difonico Tuvano – Sygyt (Overtone singing – throat singing)

Giovanni Bortoluzzi 1,69 k abonnés For more, visit https://www.jaro.de/artists/huun-huur… Radik Tyulyush performing a Sygyt Solo during the Huun Huur Tu concert at Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California November 18, 2008. One of the best sygyt on the web! Fundamental pitch is right between D3 and D#3

Overtone Singing – Mark Van Tongeren

Overtone Singing – Mark Van Tongeren

28 601 vues•27 sept. 2013 339 4 Partager EnregistrerPulpOnline247 113 abonnés Mark Van Tongeren explains overtone singing, and gives a demonstration on the Shanghai metro – because why not?

Giovanni Bortoluzzi – Worldwide Overtone Challenge 2019 – “Minor Triad with Overtone Singing”

Giovanni Bortoluzzi – Worldwide Overtone Challenge 2019 – “Minor Triad with Overtone Singing”

226 vues•15 août 2019 14 0 Partager EnregistrerGiovanni Bortoluzzi 1,67 k abonnés My participation to the Worldwide Overtone Challenge 2019, with the best high overtones I could sing: a minor triad using overtones number 16, 19 and 24. Thank you Miroslav for the idea, that will surely bring new sounds to the world of overtone singers! Link to the contest invitation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WbiXJ…

SoRIAH with Ashkelon Sain: Eztica

SoRIAH with Ashkelon Sain: Eztica

438 9 Partager EnregistrerAtlan09 201 abonnés Music Video for the song “Eztica”; From the Projekt Records release of the same name by SoRIAH with AshkelonSain. Filmed at Kalaloch Beach, Olympic Peninsula, WA. Cast features Soriah, Ashkelon, Kathryn Joy & Lucretia*Renee. (c2011)

Soriah Tuvan Throat Singer

Soriah Tuvan Throat Singer

1,1 k 17 Partager EnregistrerDiggable Monkey Video Productions 628 abonnés Soriah, which translates as “Milky Way” from Sufi, is the stage persona for the internationally recognized artist, Enrique Ugalde. Soriah’s craft is a blending of traditional Khöömei (Tuvan Throat Singing), tempered with Soriah’s own visceral force. Performances vary from being steeped in tradition and bound to its constructs to more experimental fascinations with electronic and acoustic accompaniments, and introducing Butoh and Ritual Performance Art. Soriah’s use of Khöömei as a transportive medium is an offering to nature in her own tongue, that of organic sound whether it be wind, water or the mimicry of animals. He is currently working to integrate his work into film and sound design. Soriah takes an annual sabbatical to Tuva to study with various masters and to compete. The 2008 Fifth Quinquennial Ethnomusicology Symposium, “Khöömei: The Cultural Phenomenon of Central Asia”, has honored Enrique Ugalde, “Third Place”, the highest a non-native to Tuva has yet placed. The Üstüü-Khüree Festival awarded him “Best Foreigner” for their 2008 selection. In 2014, he won 2nd place in the Tuvan National Kargyraa Competition. The rest of the year Soriah travels the globe with extended tours performing in various cities and enclaves of Japan, crooning in the cathedrals and ruins of Mexico, and intoning in ocean caves and amidst the swamplands of America. The artist has been invited to perform at society events such as The 2009 Peace Ball in Washington, D.C. for Obama’s inauguration, and by brigand artist elites, to sing at various installations of note at the Burning Man Festival. One becomes encased in an awe-laced ceremonial pallor while in attendance at a Soriah performance. A deep spiritualism imbues each piece performed, whether entirely traditional or exhibiting a fusion of music, movement and meditation that Soriah describes as Vocalized Ritual Drone. ++++++++++++++++++++++ Video by Diggable Monkey Productions Produced by Kevin Balmer http://diggablemonkey.comhttps://plus.google.com/b/10469322067… Music Video for the song “Ehecatl”; The first in a series of videos from the Projekt Records CD “Eztica”, by Soriah with Ashkelon Sain. Music Video for the song “Eztica”; From the Projekt Records release of the same name by SoRIAH with AshkelonSain. Filmed at Kalaloch Beach, Olympic Peninsula, WA. Cast features Soriah, Ashkelon, Kathryn Joy & Lucretia*Renee. (c2011) Video – Soriah Live at the WGT in Leipzig 2013 by Stan Barthez Soriah End Photo by Libby Bulloff (2011)