Alexander Glenfield – Already Mine

Alexander Glenfield – Already Mine

Ajoutée le 14 févr. 2016

Full album available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, and all other digital distributors. Click SHOW MORE for links and lyrics.…… Brenda Spielmann Photography… ALREADY MINE Best we go our separate ways Through this life-eat-life design Where we live in clever little boxes But we belong beneath the sky Wherein the rising fundamental Ground divine that is The All You’re already mine Nonsense comes to surround you Before you see there is no end to the line Where you’re stuck in a dream that has never been yours Yet the dreamer tells you everything’s fine Become aware of his strategic repression But the ruse of time shouldn’t pass you by You’re already mine You gave your word in exchange for a feeling That you expected to sustain for a time But the words that you uttered inside to yourself Was but a skeleton of desire As the feeling that you’re lacking forms the flesh and the blood But I know you’ll get it and you’ll finally know You’re already mine