Amazing female throat singing

Amazing female throat singing

784,510 views•Mar 4, 2019 14K 358 Share SaveKUULAR 68.7K subscribers Now we have 2 ways of learning: Master class –… Master class + 3 Skype lessons –… Any way I’ll be glad to see you on my course) If you have questions just let me know) Wish you all the best) People often ask me if women can sing throat singing. I made a special collection of videos with examples of female throat singing. Hope you like it. 1) Shonchalai Oorjak-Choodu 2) Saylyk Ommun 3) ??? (Can’t find the name) 4) Veronica Usholik 5) Anna-Maria Hefele 6) Chodura Tumat (Tuva Kyzy) Here you can support my channel (Поддержи канал) –